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How is the bible used in private and congregational worship

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How Is The Bible Used In Private And Congregational Worship? The Bible is often used by Christians in times of need to provide guidance and comfort. The Bible is split into two different sections, the Old Testament, and The New Testament. The Old Testament talks about The Jews and Gods Prophets. The New Testament talks about Jesus, his life, teachings and death. How Christians use the bible in private worship really depends on the individual person and their beliefs, how they choose to interpret the bible etc. ...read more.


And Christians who take the conservative point of view believe that some things in the bible are to be taken in a metaphorical way. In liturgical churches, bible passages are read in a lectionary, which is a set routine for the readings. The passages that are read, weekly at services, are chosen to suit the congregation, so they will be able to relate the readings to their everyday lives. Passages are also chosen in-sync with festivals. For example, the story of the last supper will be told on Easter and the birth of Jesus will be read on Christmas. ...read more.


The bible is also read during large services such as Christenings, marriages and funerals, where not all of the people there may be Christians. In these services there will often be breaks to reflect upon the readings. The Bible is used in private worship as a source of comfort, assistance, advice and guidance for everyday life. It often helps people a lot in time of grievance: Psalm (73:26 my flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.) Some Christians read the bible continually over and over again to strengthen their faith and to express their devotion for God. This is done in every aspect of the Christian faith. ?? ?? ?? ?? Stephanie Brown ...read more.

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