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How Jesus' Teachings Of The Sabbath would Effect The Life Of A Christian Today

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How Jesus' Teachings Of The Sabbath would Effect The Life Of A Christian Today By Emily Longstaff 10E Christians have many denominations, they are all believers of God's teachings and there beliefs are all similar, however, they all interpret these beliefs in different ways. Some of the ways these religions interpret Christ's teachings are that, Christians, believe that Jesus was the son of god and ascended into heaven after dieing for us on the cross so all our sins could be forgiven, his is why we celebrate our Sabbath on the Sunday, we do no work on this day and go to mass to keep it holy. Jehovah's witnesses, who are another denomination of Christianity, try to follow Christ's teachings by not worshiping in what is seen as the 'wrong' church, (catholic or protestant churches) and by never receiving a blood transfusion. ...read more.


'The Sabbath was made for man, the man not for the Sabbath', was also another of the main messages marks gospel sends, this means that although Christians try generally not to do work the rule is not put in place to do harm to us, as Jesus showed when he healed the man with the withered hand, (Mark 15:42-47), so therefore to keep the Sabbath holy we must attend mass every Sunday as although the Sabbath was created for us, and it cannot always be helped if we have to work, we can still attend mass and it is important to do so in order to honour Jesus rising from the dead. The salvation army use Mark's gospel to explain to people what they are doing and to try and convince them to follow their good work and become a Christian. They use endless accounts from this gospel, as it is the one which best conveys Jesus' teachings and all the good things he has done to help others. ...read more.


regardless of there past or any sins they have committed, Many Christians believe that the most important thing on Sunday is not to avoid work and go to mass but in actual fact to try and do good work. This is because in marks gospel, Jesus ignores the Pharisees rules and helps anyone in need although this is considered work. This is because he stated,' God created Sabbath for man, the man not for the Sabbath.' Overall, Christians do not all worship in the same way, some may think it is alright to do things such as swimming and sport as they do not consider it 'work' where as other Christians do. Others believe that it is ok to work as long as you are helping someone or doing good. Some Christians believe that none of this is ok and Sunday should be purely about worship and rest, and more or less follow the rules the Pharisees set thousands of years ago. ...read more.

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