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Human Experience Miracles

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Human Experience: Miracles In our society today, through medical and scientific breakthroughs, to extensive and higher levels of knowledge, the idea of miracles becomes overshadowed by explanations. There are many people who could be described as "doubting Thomas'" because to believe, they feel that they "need to see". Almost anything can be explained if one tries hard enough. Most of the cure miracles in Luke's Gospel can be shown to have happened to people with diseases, traced back to mental and nervous disorders. However, it is still evident that lots of people across the word still believe in miracles, as over 200 million people visit Lourdes each year. All of the Miracles found in Luke's Gospel, are signs of the Kingdom of God as it is obvious that the divinity of God is present, when the lame can walk, and the blind can now see. These miracles give hope to those who are themselves, in need of healing, as they show that Jesus will help them in their time of need, it also helps to strengthen their faith. ...read more.


An example of the kind of people that Trocaire helps every day, is that of Juan Francisco Trujillo, aged 16, from a remote village called Caser´┐Żo Chilama in El Salvador. His family live on the opposite side of the river to the rest of the village. Flooding cuts his family off from their village. When this happens, Juan Francisco cannot go to school. 'There is a large boulder in the middle of the river. If the water is over this boulder, I know it is too dangerous to cross', says Juan. Another example of someone helped through the work of Trocaire, is Mary Akai, who suffers from Aids who is a member of the HIV/AIDS support group at Love and Hope Centre, three of her children died of AIDS. She calls the founder of the centre, Sister Patricia Speight, her new mother. "I thought I was dying," she said. "I owe my recovery to Sister Patricia. She fed me from a spoon when I was too low." Many of those in need, visit "faith healers" and though some genuinely believe that they can cure people of disease, many are con-artists who steal innocent people's money, or some actually try to "heal" or get rid of "demons" from children. ...read more.


So they woke her up twice and rubbed chilli-peppers into her eyes. They forced her into a large plastic bag, allegedly to "throw her away for good" by drowning her in a nearby river. But they changed their mind at the last moment. In conclusion, miracles will always be relevant to today, as at some point in our lives, we are all in need of some miracle, whether it is the strength to make it through another day, or the forgiveness of sins to heal our conscience. Although some may find it hard to believe, almost anything can be changed into something cruel and evil, in comparison to what it was before, even the miracles in the bible. But Pastor Modeste Muyulu says "But disciples should only do what the master did, I never read in the bible about Jesus Christ being violent with anybody to cast out any spirit." Therefore we should always try to be like disciples of Jesus and help those who are in need, and never intentionally hurt another human being, as we know that Jesus himself would never do something like this. ?? ?? ?? ?? Niamh Quinn 13H ...read more.

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