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In this part of my coursework I will evaluate the following statement: "Children can't be disciples so they can't be Christians either".

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Section 3:AO3 In this part of my coursework I will evaluate the following statement: " Children can't be disciples so they can't be Christians either" Many people believe that children cannot be disciples because they might not be able to understand the meaning of being a true disciple but they can be Christians because Jesus never said that you had to be a specific age to be a Christian. You can be baptised as a young child or as an adult, and the meaning of baptism is joining the family of God in Christianity. ...read more.


This is proof that children may not know the importance of the Kingdom of God but they are pure, honest and obedient, they have the necessary qualities. To be a disciple you have to be Christian, and so children start by entering the family of God in baptism and as they grow they learn more about their religion and have the choice of committing to it or not. Children can also contribute in charities with adults, they might not be too responsible but they are conscious of what they are doing and they know it's a good doing. ...read more.


Children's attitudes aren't mature enough to understand the importance of the nature of discipleship and so they wouldn't be able to live their young life as a committed Christian. My personal own personal view is that children can be Christians but not full disciples because they are too young to understand the deeper meaning all of what Jesus preached. I agree that they can't be disciples even though they have some of the qualities but they wouldn't be able to coupe with any type of persecution because they wouldn't know how to deal with it, which is something understandable as they would be too young to fight against the persecutors. Words in total: 445 ...read more.

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