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is abortion justified to save the mother's life

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The only situation which would justify abortion would be to save the mother's life. Discuss: Worldwide, there are 42 million abortions per year; that's approximately 150,000 per day. Consequently, it would be fair to say that abortion is readily accepted in our modern society. However there are many different reasons and justifications which people provide when deciding to terminate their pregnancy. As opposed to looking directly at their morality for an answer, many feel that abortion is the only possible option; in their circumstance. They may turn to the quality of life vs. the sanctity of life argument, or the issue of personhood or they may even consider the rights of women and the rights of the foetus, in turn. Conversely, many hold an absolute stance on the issue and believe that abortion can never be justified; they brand it as 'murder'. Throughout this essay, I will evaluate the various themes which I consider to be central to the debate; and I will explore the opinion of justifying abortion in order to save the mother's life. I will also consider other circumstances in which abortion is often excused. When deciding on a personal opinion of whether one believes that abortion is justifiable, often the argument whittles down to conviction in either the Sanctity of Life principle or the Quality of Life principal. The term 'sanctity of life' literally means a 'life set aside' because it is created specially and uniquely by God. ...read more.


Furthermore, the issue of women's rights can be used to support the claim. Historically, feminists of the 19th century, like many women in developing countries today, they opposed abortion even though they were acutely aware of the damage done to women through constant child-bearing. They opposed abortion despite knowing that half of all children born died before the age of five. But since the introduction of the right to legally abort unwanted foetuses, many women have felt liberated, and would otherwise feel restricted. Women's rights become key to the argument of abortion, since the body at question is that of the woman. Many feel that the woman should ultimately have the decision in her hands, since it is her body and she should decide what is to be done with it. The mother clearly has considerable rights and so may continue her life without danger to her health. Pregnancy may stop her from carrying on with her education and may damage her job prospects. This raises major issues, particularly when concerning younger people (teenage pregnancies). It is more widely believed that the rights of a younger woman should be primary because so much is at risk if she does deliver the baby- such as her education and career etc. Other issue in which women often feel that they have the central rights is when their physical or mental health is at risk. ...read more.


Which refers to the ability of the foetus to survive outside of the womb. The limit was set at 24 weeks as it was thought that at that point a foetus may have a good chance of survival. But more recently there has been speculation about reducing it to 22 weeks. Anyhow, which ever stance a person may take on when a foetus becomes a 'person' is essential to the claim. Personhood could see the disagreement of the claim as, once believing that the foetus is viable as human being, then the claim would not be accepted. However depending on where personhood leads people to drawing the line, some would argue that the abortion is justified, and that a woman should not feel guilty about aborting an embryo; as it could not be saved outside of the womb. In my own opinion, and considering the ethics of the Sanctity of Life, the Quality of Life, the rights of the woman and the issues of Personhood and Ensoulment; I believe that there is more evidence to support the claim than to disagree with it. I believe that under very few circumstances is it justifiable to abort a potential life. However, as mentioned briefly, I would agree that some circumstances defy the claim; for example in cases of rape , where the mother's life is not necessarily at risk, I still believe that it would be justified to abort a foetus conceived in such an ominous and horrific circumstance. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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