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Is it difficult for a Muslim male to practice his religion in Britain?

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Is it difficult for a Muslim male to practice his religion in Britain? Being a male Muslim living in Britain can be like an obstacle course making the course to Allah full of problems. If one lives in a Muslim community, then these obstacles will be made less of an obstacle, but they become a big problem if he does not live within a Muslim community. My answer to the question is yes and no. it is difficult on the surface, but there is a lot of things he can do to make his life a lot easier. It is required of a Muslim to find halal meat since eating haram meat (meat from animals which have not had their jugular vein cut) is forbidden. This is not always easy to obtain since it can be difficult to access or find time to travel to a halal butcher. This can be a problem and used to be a huge problem about ten to twenty years ago, but nowadays in Britain, it is easier than it was to find a halal butcher. They usually locate in the cities where there is a significant Muslim population. ...read more.


They may be forced to sing in the name of Jesus and to go to Chapel, when Muslims do not mind knowing about other religions, but should be taught in such a way as to persuade them to convert to Christianity. To overcome these problems, the children could ask their parents to talk to the school, asking to withdraw their child from Christian events and to give them permission to refrain from immodest behavior e.g. immodest dress, showering in communal showers. However, if the parent wishes to ensure that the child does not have co-education, than they should take the Muslim boy out of the school and put him in a all boys school or in an Islamic school. Sending the boy to an Islamic school solves all these problems. However, Islamic schools are not a common sight so it is often not a possibility of sending the child to an Islamic school. To pay Zakat, the Muslim must find a mosque or a Zakat organisation and pay his amount, even if he must travel a long distance. This can be difficult because he may live a long way away from such a place, or he does not know how much to give because in Muslim countries, there are people who help you calculate how much and what to give. ...read more.


This may be done though through Muslim funeral organizations. The body should be facing Makkah, which may not be possible due to garden designs or the designs of another religion. Also, Islam teaches that only one body should be used per grave, which can cause problems for the local authorities. To prevent all these problems, bodies are usually buried in Muslim burial grounds, though few in number. For Id-ul-Adha, the man sacrifices an animal. It is commonplace in Islam. However, in Britain, one requires a license and also a slaughterhouse if they want to carry out this task. It is difficult for someone to get a license so what usually happens families get their animals slaughtered in a special Muslim abattoir. This is quite an easy solution. A Muslim in Britain may face discrimination and prejudice. He may not get a job due to a prejudice employer, or he may face torment and insults. Receiving insults and prejudice may put the worshipper of Islam and make him hide and be embarrassed by it. To overcome this, he should just ignore it and go about his everyday life, not holding grudges. It is a test, which Allah has issued. Being a Muslim in Britain makes upholding an Islamic life more difficult than if living in a Muslim country, but it does not make the task impossible. ...read more.

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