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Is There a Sufficient Role For Women In Islam?

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IS THERE A SUFFICIENT ROLE FOR WOMEN IN ISLAM? Islam makes it clear that men and women can never have total equality as they are biologically different - the women become pregnant, and breast feed this is a difference that cannot be ignored. However, it is taught that women are spiritually, morally and intellectually equal yet the only difference is their physical state. Before Islam women did not have the right to own their property and were dependant on their fathers and husbands for things, like food and shelter however Muhammed passed on the message from Allah that men and women should have equal duties. The western stereotype says that women are forced to stay at home, look after their children, and not bother with an education. ...read more.


Women are not lustful sex objects for men yet they have the freedom to choose how they think is a suitable way to dress. It is the woman's right to stay at home and be provided for. A woman can choose not to take her husbands name, and any money she has does not have to be shared with her husband or anyone else. Muhammad said "At the feet of the mother lies the heaven of her children" In the western world many Muslim women are not given the same opportunities as men yet the Qu'ran teaches that women can go to work, and earn their own money- they are not restricted to the home as many people may assume judgmentally. Women now also have the right to vote because discrimination is frowned upon in Islam. ...read more.


I conclude that yes, there is a role for women in Islam, they are equal in Gods eyes, no matter how different they look on the outside, the only difference is spiritual. Allah did not women and men to be treated so differently, and he would never want men to become superior to women, as their become mothers, and bring new life into the World. It is possible for a woman to do the same job as a man yet she is entitled to keep all her money to herself if she wishes to. Muslim women not only take responsibility for their children they are also expected to show hospitality for guests, hope for the insecure, and comfort for the distressed. In general, they are seen to be compassionate and loving and women must too work hard to gain a strong, tolerant loving marriage. ...read more.

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