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Islam’s Problems come from within

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28.04.07 Islam's Problems come from within * Criticism of propaganda type which world leaders try to persuade the world "this isn't about Islam" * Rushdie argues that by giving examples how it is a) support of Bin Laden b) the Islamic together coming for the jihad c) the anti-Semitism blaming Jews for the September 11th issues etc. * Rushdie suggests a reasoning for the above written from fear of the west taking over there old-fashioned traditional way of life. * He emphasizing how "it is about Islam" : many political movements are now guided by radical Islamic organizations such as the revolutionary Shiite of Iran or the Taliban. ...read more.


He gives some specific examples of intellectuals of the Muslim world relating to that question. * He concludes by suggesting that the way to overcome the problem with terrorism today is by secularist-humanist principles which must be taken on by the Islam. In terms of what we have learned, we would have to say that Rushdie argument is valid. We can come to that conclusion by simply looking at his arguments; Rushdie doesn't introduce new information in his conclusions relating to an argument. If the question of validity refers to the fact that Islam is the topic related to the terror attacks in September, then the argument can well be valid to a certain extent. ...read more.


However, I believe a great deal of emotions came in play while expressing himself. We must not forget that Rushdie's experience with the Islamic, (in direct reference to the fact he was ordered to be killed by a major Islamic leader) hence a possible bias on the issue. I fully understand such a standpoint as that of Rushdie; I too, when am asked to support my countries' actions in regard to the Palestinian terror attacks, tend to become emotional and very protective. Therefore I understand the pressure release Rushdie experiences while expressing himself. Therefore I can also say from experience that I do not think that in such a state Rushdie would exaggerate to a point of absurd. ...read more.

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