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Islam in UK

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I am going to write about "Islam". In this topic, I'll describe Islamic values, Islamic traditions, the meaning of Islam and other things, which are related to Islam. I am writing this to inform Muslims about Islamic culture and values. I have chosen this topic to advise and persuade them to follow the right ways of Islam. The reason to choose this topic is that in Pakistan there are many people who call themselves Muslims, but in reality, they don't fulfil the duties of Islam. They don't understand what Islam is. They don't know how to treat their children, how to teach them Islamic principles. My aim is to inform Muslims about the true meaning of Islam. I'll get the information from the internet, my family, my teachers and my personal points of view. I am a Muslim therefore I have lots of information about my topic. I'll tell you about God, belief, sects of Islam, prophets and other information. The people, who call themselves Muslims, they consider that they belong to a Muslim family so they are also Muslims, but it is wrong. They don't know their religion's facts. For being a Muslim, they should know their religion's reality. There are also some people who think that they have recited the creed, so they would be called Muslims, but this is not reality. Muslims are those people who have firm belief in their heart and soul, on Islam, Allah, His angels, His messengers, His books and His revelations. You should believe in the judgement day, and fate and destiny. ...read more.


Festival dates are determined by the sighting of the moon. Unfortunately, there is not a single Islamic calendar, which has been accepted by Muslims all over the world. I do not celebrate all of these occasions, but I try my best to celebrate all of these festivals. Nowadays in many Muslim countries, most of people lay stress on celebrating non Islamic festivals instead of Islamic like Basant (festival of flying kites), Holli (festival of playing with colours and music) and Christmas. Some people think that "a perfect Muslim" is simply one who is correct in the observance of the ritual prayer, the fasting, the charity, and the pilgrimage to Mecca. This is not the fact. If you are not humble, pious and truly God-fearing instead of performing ritual prayers, then you are not a real Muslim. A Muslim should be truthful, honest, and moderate in everything, loving, optimistic, hopeful and sincere. You should take special care to keep away yourself from all the shameful and sinful things God has forbidden. The main forbidden acts in Islam are refusing from the oneness of Allah, testifying false testimonies, murdering people and making money by taking interest on loans. Allah has also forbidden us from taking other's money unjustly especially money of orphans and needy people. Islam has prohibited us from slandering chaste and pure women, and having sexual relationships outside marriage. The other things, which are not allowed to do in Islam, are drinking alcohol, gambling, stealing, swearing, lying, eating pork and committing suicide. ...read more.


Therefore, at this age, it is expected from you to adopt more modest styles of dress that do not expose too much. As a Muslim, I also act upon these teachings of Islam. According to Sunnah, all Muslim marriages should be simple and far away from false showing of wealth. Nowadays Muslims spend lots of money on marriages which is their waste of money. I have attended many marriages in which people use their money incorrectly. As a Muslim, you can give your money to the needy persons for the sake of Allah instead of wasting your money on unnecessary customs. I can conclude from this piece of writing that what I have set out to do, I have achieved it. My aim was to tell Muslims about the true meaning of Islam. I have not been completely successful in achieving my aim, because I had decided to write about Islamic months, Islamic education and Islamic miracles, but I could not include them in my piece of writing because of the word limit. It was not too difficult to do the research, because I got most of information from the internet and from my personal experience. I could not find suitable books for my topic, therefore I searched on the internet. I really enjoyed doing the extended writing, because I have learnt lots of things about Islam. I have learned lots of vocabulary. I have found out how to write a long essay and how to join paragraphs to each other. By finding information, I have found out that Islam is the second largest religion in the world. According to the estimation, the range of Muslims is from 0.7 to 1.2 billion worldwide. ...read more.

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