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"It is Impossible to Describe Allah in Human Terms".

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Every person in this world has one important belief. Be that in religion, money, power or family life. Many people have this one belief in particular. One that causes conflict, but also brings about happiness and celebrations. Religion and God. It has existed over thousands of years. Islam is the second largest religions among the world with approximately 1.3 billion followers. Many people have their own views on Allah and they can neither be described as true or false because we humans do not have the answer. People even in the same religion have different beliefs on God. The statement "It is impossible to describe Allah in human terms", is a personal belief, but is still talked about. Some people may say they agree to the statement and others may disagree. But if Allah is not described in human terms then how are we to understand anything about Allah? If we can relate Allah to humans it will be easier to understand as we can understand ourselves as we are humans too. ...read more.


The quote states that Allah is "Eternal and Absolute" Allah is infinite but humans are finite- they die., they are mortal- they are born and will die; again proving that it is impossible to describe Allah in human terms. Also humans sin and make mistakes, but Allah knows all so cannot do this, therefore telling us that Allah cannot be described in human terms. This is not the whole story though. Many people also believe that Allah can be described in human terms, because Allah is Immanent- that is to say closer to us than our heartbeat and our jugular vein. These are all human characteristics, so how can Allah not be compared using these very terms, when it is said He is closer to us than all these important things in our life. In Surah 50:16 it says, "It was We who created man and We know even the secret suggestions his soul makes to him, for We are nearer to him than his jugular vein." The jugular vein is one of the most important components of our body as it is connected to both the brain and heart. ...read more.


Description is something that tells us about an object, person or place. If it describes Allah's nature, then humans can relate to it as humans can also be described so it all makes it easier for humans to understand Allah. I believe that Allah cannot be described in human terms because Allah is beyond the knowledge and understanding of people. Allah is beyond time and the world, but we are within the world and time, so we cannot create similarities or comparisons between the two. Allah is Immortal, "Eternal and Absolute", "the One and Only". We are mortal, and finite. We will die one day, but Allah will never live, nor will Allah die. Allah is not born and nor is born from anyone. We are born and will die so we cannot describe Allah in human terms. In conclusion, the statement "It is impossible to describe Allah in human terms" cannot be proved to be true or false, but is a statement that I believe in, as I have been taught this and have a strong belief in the statement. ?? ?? ?? ?? Zoya Khan 10L 1354 13228 ...read more.

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