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Mass Media Ethics

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Mass Media Ethics Journalism and the Code of Ethics Introduction: What? Thesis - Current code is irrelevant to journalists Why? Importance of ethics in mass media How? A qualitative look Areas of concern 1. Current Code of Ethics 2. Responsibility of Journalists 3. Forces that motivate Journalists and how this impacts the truth Analysis: Current Code of Ethics creates a false perception that Journalists are unbiased. ...read more.


Ethics is important in every aspect of life especially important in our communications with others. An exploration of the ethics and the motivations that underlie journalists (influential agents of mass media) is fundamentally important in understanding the mass media as an agent of those dominant in our society and the forces that motivate them in their exploration of the truth. How? A qualitative analysis of the issues pertaining to journalism and the current Code of Ethics, utilizing information from a variety of different sources to obtain a vast body of knowledge pertaining to journalism and the current code. ...read more.


Forces that motivate Journalists that influence the truth: Objectivity Industry Public Interest Analysis: The current Code of Ethics pertaining to journalism creates a myth if an unbiased medium, which does not exist in our society. Journalists are agents of the mass media, driven by economic forces and not by their own values or the Codes of Ethics. Conclusion: The current Code of Ethics is irrelevant to journalism, for Journalists are agents of the mass media and those most powerful in society. ...read more.

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