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Muhannad - Arabia, in 600CE.

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SOCIETY In Arabia, in 600CE, two large tribes called the Quaraish and the Hanifs inhabited a sacred city known as Makkah. The most important tribe in Makkah at this time were the Quaraish. The Quaraish consisted of merchants who had control over the Ka'bah (an ancient temple) and Makkah's water supply. This tribe organised protection for the merchants who travelled through Makkah. The Quaraish made profit out of the traders who passed through Makkah and the provisions given to pilgrims who came there to see and worship the idols. The Hanifs were the other major tribe who inhabited Makkah. They consisted of moral tribesmen who despised the Quaraish's selfishness and greed for money. This group of people were very holy and believed that there must only be one God. They believed that this one Supreme Power created everyone and everything and the worship of idols was an insult to him. They detested people's devotion to icons of different Gods such as Al-Lat (the life-force). The Hanif's were sacred people who prayed regularly and often sought solitude to worship God. They believed that this one God had sent prophets such as Moses to Earth to try and purify people's hearts and bring them closer to God. MUHAMMAD'S EARLY LIFE Muhammad was grandson of Abd-al-Muttalib. Abd-al-Muttalib was a member of the Hanif', and a man famous for his devotion to God and for his visions. His son, Abdullah, married a woman called Aminah, who was soon pregnant with his child when Abdullah suddenly died. ...read more.


Suddenly he felt something seize him, it gripped him so tightly that he could not breathe and he thought he would die. But suddenly Muhammad knew in his heart what the words said, and he whispered them hoarsely: 'Proclaim! In the name of your Lord and Sustainer who created Man from a clot of congealed blood, speak these words aloud! Your lord is the Most Generous One - He who has taught the Pen, Who reveals directly Things beyond human knowledge.' Muhammad had been chosen as a messenger of God because he was a devout man who worshipped the Lord. After Muhammad received this message he had to wait 2 years until he received another. This was God's way of testing Muhammad and seeing whether he would be tempted to tell everyone about what he had seen. When Muhammad reached home after his shocking revelation, he told his wife, Khadijah, about what had happened. She went to her wise 100-year-old cousin, Waraqa ibn Nufal, for advice and after he was quite sure that Muhammad's story was truthful, Khadijah became the first person to believe the message Muhammad revealed. The second person to believe Muhammad's story was Ali, the next was Zaid and the next person to believe him was his close friend Abu Bakr. Two years later, Muhammad was still fearful and anxious about what the message might mean, when the angel Jibril appeared to him again. The angel said to him: 'O you wrapped - arise and warn! Glorify God! Make your garments pure! ...read more.


Muslims believe that this night was one of great importance, as it showed them what the ascension to Heaven would be like. It showed them that the soul abandons the weak and dishonest nature of the human body and you travel to a place where only pure bliss is possible. MUHAMMAD'S DEATH In 632CE, Muhammad fell ill with a fever and violent headaches. He was only 63 but he became weak and tired. He asked his wives if he could be moved into his youngest wife, Aishah's room. Even though he was feeble he still attempted to reach the praying place outside every day until his death. When he could not lead the prayers anymore, his good friend Abu Bakr took his place. On his last day on Earth, Muhammad, after leading the dawn prayer, lay in Aishah's arm and said, "Lord grant me pardon. I have chosen the most exalted company, in paradise"; then he died. Muhammad was buried where he died, in Aishah's room, and his tomb is still there even today. ISLAM The religion known as Islam was begun by Muhammad and it is still continued today. Since that day when Muhammad went on The Night Journey, Muslims have kept the number of times to pray each day at 5 times. All Muslims believe that God is responsible for every part of human life and he knows and sees all. Every Muslim tries to lead a peaceful life and pass the test set for all souls on Earth. ...read more.

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