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Muslim attitudes to marriage and family life

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Muslim attitudes to marriage and family life In Islam, marriage is a partnership. Muslim women accept only Allah as their master, and do not therefore consider themselves to be inferior to a husband. It is basic in Muslim society that the man is responsible for the family's welfare and business outside the home, but the woman has virtually absolute rights within it so long as her behaviour does not shame her provider or husband. No institution works well without a clear leader, and therefore there should be one in every family. Most Muslim women are quite happy for this leader to be the man. If the man is not worth respecting, divorce is a straightforward matter, and the woman may look for a better one. Sometimes the woman in a household is more intelligent or organized or practical than the man, so he will quite sensibly leave most matters to her-but in Islam he is still responsible for her and therefore must take care of her and try to provide for her as much as he could and not just take advantage of her advantage of her. The women usually live with the husband's family but must be treated with the same respect and not considered an outsider. Marriage and family life are considered to be very important in Islam. Traditionally the man's duty is to go out to work to support the family and the woman's duty is to bring up the children and look after the household. ...read more.


There are many Hadiths of the Prophet, which prescribe kindness and consideration for women. They also advice Muslim men to treat their wives with honour and respect. The Prophet said that the best men are those who are best to their wives. He not only should avoid hurting her but also should bear with her even if she does something disagreeable. Although women generally do the domestic work of the house, but Islam does not require them to do so, often it is because they are more convenient as men often go to work. A husband should help his wife with the housework like the Prophet did. Muhammad used to assist his wives, mend his own clothes and participate in manual work. He should also meet his wife's sexual needs and reserve his sexuality for her only. It is very important that he handles the matter of sex relations with skill, care and understanding. He should not regard his wife as an object of his own enjoyment alone. If the husband does practise polygamy, then he must treat his wives equally. Wife: The wife is her husband's helpmate and companion. She is responsible for the household affairs and its members in terms of their physical and emotional well-being. She is generally the primary means of training the children, as she is the one who is usually in the household who usually looks after them. She should obey her husband unless he wants her to disobey God. ...read more.


Allah says in the Qur'an that if their parents force them to worship anything else besides Allah then they are not to obey them but ' bear them company in this life with justice '(and consideration) (31:15). The parents should do their best to ensure that their children receive a good education. Education is not only a right but also a responsibility of all males and females. It is very important to bring them up in the Islamic faith; parents have to ensure that their faith is not lost through their education. They have to make sure their children attend the madrasah where children are taught Islamic beliefs, how to pray, and how to read the Qur'an. This is especially important if the family lives in the West where their faith might not be practised in the Western schools. Prophet Muhammad said: "Seeking knowledge is mandatory for every Muslim" (Muslim" is used here in the generic meaning which includes both males and females). The parents should always deal with them justly and with love, they should always try to be fair. They should also help them, when they reach the age, to find them a compatible partner so that their children may have a good and happy marriage. One of the most important thing is to train them in Muslim worship. They should begin learning prayer and fasting by the age of seven. ' He who has no compassion for our little ones, and does not acknowledge the honour due to our elders, is not one of us.' (Hadith) ...read more.

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