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Organizational behavior and Trends Paper

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Organizational behavior and Trends Paper What is ethics and what place does it have in decision-making? Ethics means different things to each of us. We develop our ethics from our culture, ethnic background, religious beliefs and all that make us unique as humans. This paper will speak on the influence ethics has on decision making and it will also cover the impact of technology on work-related stress. Managing ethics in the workplace holds tremendous benefit for leaders and managers, benefits both moral and practical. This is particularly true today when it is critical to understand and manage highly diverse values in the workplace. However, ethics has traditionally been the domain of philosophers, academics and social critics. Consequently, much of today's literature about ethics is not geared toward the practical needs of leaders and managers -- the people primarily responsible for managing ethics in the workplace. ...read more.


During times of change, there is often no clear moral path to guide leaders through the complexity of what is right and what is wrong. Placing attention on business ethics helps employees decide on how they want to act and guide them into becoming a productive and successful employee. Ethics has been found to support employee growth and meaning. Employees feel full confidence when they can admit and deal with whatever challenges may come their way. Ethics has also been proven to help manage values associated with quality management, strategic planning and diversity management. This involves recording the values, developing policies and procedures to align behaviors with preferred values, and then training personnel about these policies and procedures. Paying close attention to ethics is also strong in public relations. ...read more.


Without the advances in technology, businesses would be unable to compete in the competitive global market. However, technology has raised issues with regards to increases in workplace stress. Workplaces are recommended to explore different options that investigate the different stressors and utilize resources or programs that would help alleviate the stress. If the stressors are left unattended, as studies have shown, the employees wind up bringing their stress issues to their home life, resulting in a poorer quality of life. Technology is here to stay, but stress can be managed through various stress relief programs. Technology Increases Workplace Stress, Tipping the Scales of Work-Life Balance (August 11, 1999). Kensington Press Release. Kensington Technology Group. Retrieved October 19, 2004 from the World Wide Web: http://www.kensington.com/html/1393.html Driscoll, D.M., Hoffman, W.M., (2000). Ethics Matters: An Ethics Toolkit in how to Implement a Value Driven Management. ...read more.

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