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Outline the inward journey and the outward journey experienced by Buddha, Nicky Cruz and Lord Fenner Brockway - Explain what spirituality means to you after studying the 3 case studies.

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Outline the inward journey and the outward journey experienced by Buddha, Nicky Cruz and Lord Fenner Brockway. Explain what spirituality means to you after studying the 3 case studies. To me, spirituality is being in harmony with yourself and others around you. It's having the feeling that there are other people to care for and that we (as individuals) are small creatures in a big world. I ask myself 'Is that it? What is there more to life?' In this essay I am going cover the various issues that appear in the paths of the Buddha, Nicky Cruz and Lord Fenner Brockway when they experienced their inward and outward journeys. Prince Sidhartha Gautama was kept away from the outside world by his father so he never saw any of the bad things that happen in life. ...read more.


In New York Nicky joined the 'Mau Mau Gang' This gang were involved in fights, robberies, gang activities, murders and they were at war with the police. In July 1958 a man called David Wilkinson who was a preacher in the street, approached Nicky and told him that God loved him. Nicky had disbelief, if no one had ever loved him before then why now. He was persuaded to go to a meeting about God and Christianity. As David finished his speech, Nicky realised that his wanted to change. He was changed immediately. He went to a bible college and then went back to the Mau Maus and talked to them about Christ. He visited his family and overall became a caring, kind and thoughtful person. He set out to help others who needed it. ...read more.


In conclusion they all did much the same thing in different ways. One thing that was similar was that they all had questions that they wanted answers to and that they all went on some kind of journey to get them. The Buddha came from a very well off background and Nicky Cruz came from a terrible upbringing and Lord Fenner Brockway was a Humanist. The Buddha found his answers in his soul, from the inside, whereas Nick Cruz turned to Christ to find the answers to his questions. They all found their answers but in different situations. In my opinion, the journeys that the three of them went on are journeys which everyone experiences at some point in their lives. You do not have to turn to Christ to get your answers you can get them in different ways. Everyone asks questions, it's the way that they find their answers that is different! Laura Hill 9A 2001 ...read more.

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