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Relativist theories offer no convincing reasons for people to be moral. Discuss 25 marks

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?Relativist theories offer no convincing reasons for people to be moral.? Discuss Relativist theories do offer convincing reasons for people to be moral for several reasons however the main one is due to Joseph Fletchers ?Situation Ethics.? Relativism is the idea that nothing can be said to be objectively right or wrong; it depends on the situation, the culture, way of upbringing etc. People would disagree with me because they are absolutists. This is an objective moral rule or value that is always true in all situations and for everyone without exception. ...read more.


Secondly, they would say that the dependency thesis is too tolerant because different cultures/society?s would allow for different things (i.e. slavery could be allowed in one country but not another). From an absolute point of view, this is bad because there should be one universal moral law stating weather slavery is morally right or wrong. In my opinion, relativism offers convincing reason for people to be moral because of ?agape.? This is acting and thinking on the most loving thing to do. ...read more.


Situation Ethics allows people to be moral because agape is acted on in order to benefit the majority. For example, absolutists would believe that murder is fundamentally wrong no matter what the situation is. However if you killed a terrorist who was going to kill many lives, situation ethics can pardon this murder because you are initially saving the lives of many by taking the life of one. In a similar way, relativism can allow people to be moral because it can correct past mistakes (e.g. capital punishment). It could be morally right to sentence a murderer by capital punishment because the sanction fits the crime. ...read more.

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