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Reviewing my Christian service charity activity.My Christian service was at the Markham Food Bank near Main Street, Unionville.

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KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING 1) Identify the details on your Christian service: Where? When? How? For whom? My Christian service was at the Markham Food Bank near Main Street, Unionville. I volunteered during May 21st, where I was one of the only few people who got up in the early morning in order to take the initiative to serve the community as well as Christ. By packaging and organizing food for the poor, we were serving the less fortunate people of Markham, who visit the food bank as a means of obtaining food. 2) Some of the Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations that I examined in my grade ten year were: - Recognizing there is more grace in our world than sin and that hope is essential in facing all challenges - Thinking reflectively and creatively to evaluate situations and solve problems - Setting appropriate goals and priorities in school, work and personal life - Thinking critically about the meaning and purpose of work One specific expectation that related directly with my service work this semester was relating to family members in a loving, compassionate and respectful manner. ...read more.


In two paragraphs, answer the following questions as they pertain to the Christian Service work that you have completed during this semester. Analyse how your Christian service: a) Promotes human dignity My Christian service promotes human dignity because I am restoring pride and hope in the hearts and minds of the poor by helping them carry out a normal, everyday life. The less fortunate suffer everyday due to their lack of money, homes, and as well as human essentials. They are sometimes abused verbally and physically by those that think they are "superior" than them, which causes them to lose their righteous human dignity. By providing these people would proper food and water, I restore a small portion of their dignity as a human being. They should not feel low or bad to have to come to us for help, because that is what we do for each other. In this essence, I am able to help promote human dignity through my services at the Markham Food Bank. ...read more.


Therefore, my Christian service successfully fulfills this aspect of the Corporal Works of Mercy. 5) In a paragraph, evaluate the effect your Christian service has had on your moral and your faith development. This Christian service has indeed had a significant impact on my moral and faith development this semester. By experiencing the difficulty of getting up so early in the morning and going through traffic in order to arrive to the food bank, I realized the level of dedication and love these people must have to come out there every day to help less fortunate civilians. Furthermore, I learned that I should never look down on someone simply because they are not as blessed us, rather I should be more compassionate and understanding of these people. Not only that, but the simple fact that there is such an organization out there, such as the Markham Food Bank, that serves free boxes of food for the poor and less fortunate, makes me truly believe that God exists and he only wants good in our world. ?? ?? ?? ?? Reflection on Christian Service MATTHEW HAN ...read more.

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