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Science Challenges Religion

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There are many Christian Belief's and there are a lost of scientific theories that some say challenge religion and disproves it while others believe that science can sometimes reinforce a religious belief or that they can-coexist together without disproving each other. One of the core Christian beliefs is that God is responsible for creating the universe and world from nothing, however many scientists challenge this belief because they say that the Big Bang just happens without a cause to start it - and so some Christians reject the theory of the Big Bang. Another Christian belief is that the work of God is perfect and it has an ongoing purpose, however both the Big Bang and the theory of evolution challenges this belief because scientists say that the universe came from nothing and that evolution is a blind process that always changes. Another belief is that there is a special and perfect relationship with all parts of creation which support each other however the theory of evolution challenges this because over time the world has changed so dramatically that the creatures would have had to evolve into new species in order to survive. ...read more.


go to heaven, not how the heavens go' I believe that this suggests that he believed that science and religion are compatible and one without the other would mean that you didn't know all you can about the universe in which we live in. Ryanna Coleman You can't be a scientist and be religious' There are some in the world who believe that to be a scientist you have to separate your religious beliefs from scientific fact, however there are also some that believe that religion are able to co-exist simultaneously. Those that believe that science and religion should be separated believe that to be a scientist you have to only concentrate on your facts and not on beliefs that are thousands of years old and may not be accurately correct. Richard Dawkins said 'Science and religion are deeply opposed' this suggests that he believes that as science has proved that the universe was created through the big bang and not in he seven days as the bible says that it does, this proves that God does not exist. ...read more.


that religion and science can exist in the same place, or person, because it all helps to the greater understanding of God's plan and how the universe works. Professor Winston also said, 'Science can help to explain how the universe came into being, but religion explains why we are here' this suggests that he believes that science accounts for the how, and religion the why. I believe that you can be religious and be a scientist- I do so because I believe that God took an integral part in designing the world in one way so that we could evolve and have our free will to change the world into the way that God designed it to become originally. I believe this because Isaac Newton once said, 'It is the perfection of God's work that they are all done with the greatest simplicity. He is a God of order and not confusion' this suggests, to me, that God is an omniscient being who knows how everything should be and yet he gives us free will to do as we wish, I believe this also suggests that science is part of religion as it helps with the keeping of 'order'. ...read more.

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