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State the names of the three persons of the trinity? and Explain why Christians celebrate Whitsun (Pentecost)

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ANGELA BENTLEY FESTIVALS 1. State the names of the three persons of the trinity? The Trinity is made up of the full complement of God's fullness, God the father God the son and God the Holy Spirit. 2. Explain why Christian's celebrate Whitsun (Pentecost). Pentecost is celebrated on the seventh Sunday after Easter, and was originally a solely Jewish feast, celebrating the Jewish Harvest Festival. This was taken on by the Christian church and given another meaning, it is said to celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit to Christ's Disciples and therefore the beginning of the Christian church. This is depicted in Acts 2: 1-11, as stated, "All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other languages, as the Spirit gave them ability." ...read more.


The cycle of Easter ends on Easter Monday, which is said to be the day that Jesus rose from the dead. Easter commemorates the resurrection of Christ and is the most joyous festival for many Christians. Another Holy day that could be celebrated by Christians in the Roman Catholic Church is that of Corpus Christi. Derived from the Latin 'body of Christ' this falls the Thursday after Trinity Sunday and is a day of Thanksgiving for Holy Communion. This festival would have very little importance in the life of for example, and Anglican or a Methodist, because this is not an event that they celebrate, but that does not make any less important to the Catholics who celebrate it. 4. ...read more.


Many would argue that this is down to the commercialisation of Christmas and that Christmas no longer has anything at all to do with the birth of Christ our Lord. The Anglican church follows very little about the aspects concerning Mary Mother of God and yet the Roman Catholics, base a great deal of their beliefs upon her life, and have a number of Holy days just acknowledging the actions of Mary. Other Churches may not but this does not make them any less important. However on a ranking scale, Mary was the Mother of Jesus, therefore any festivals relating to her life, would be generally overshadowed by the events that took place in Jesus' life. On this aspect it could be said that, for example, Christmas, would be more important to most Christians than The Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary which is only celebrated in the Catholic Church. ...read more.

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