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Study of lukes gospel

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" Explain The Meaning And Significance of Miracles In Luke Gospel" Jesus was shown to be more powerful than the evil that trouble the times, and that he has the power to override such dark spirits. Luke illustrates this through his archive of exorcisms performed by Jesus which is one of the miracles in Lukes gospel. Luke is stating that Jesus has control over evil and over the spiritual world also, which shows that he is carrying out the will of his father thus proving the existence of God. ...read more.


Jesus also has control over the physical world and shows so by performing miracles .The first of the miracles that Jesus performs in Lukes gospel is the healing of the paralysed man, in which great faith and determination is shown in order for Jesus to heal the ill. The paralysed mans friends take him to see Jesus, only to find that the crowds in the house are so intense that reaching Jesus seemed an impossibility. ...read more.


shows that Jesus will heal any calibre of man and is the saviour of the world, which ties in with the style of Lukes writing as he writes for both gentiles and Jews. The miracles are a crucial aspect of Jesus mission in Lukes gospel to bring salvation to the world, that Luke uses 'dunameia an act of power or might. The miracles in Lukes gospel are significant as they give added authority to his teachings. The miracles also confirm the prophesy of Issah and in turn show that Jesus is the messiah. ...read more.

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