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Teenagers are too immature to discuss relationships like those featured in the poems.

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Teenagers are too immature to discuss relationships like those featured in the poems. I'm not really sure what I think about the above statement; this is because I think its not only teenagers who are too immature in some cases to discuss relationships like those in poems, but older people are also too immature. Unfortunately I have to choose now, so, I would chose to be with and for the statement. I would choose to do so, because even as I've said before that I think both older people and teenagers are both too immature to discuss relationships; I think because older people would have had more experience in discussing relationships than teenagers and by doing so, they would have been a bit more mature in discussing matters in those situations. ...read more.


An objection could arise from my opinion that older some or even many older people may not have been in these situations more than teenagers have, but it could be the opposite of what I have said. If this is the case I have also got a chance for a counter argument for their objection that; older people along with having more experience at handling with those situations, they will have read more about them, so they would have gained a better understanding about them. The second reason as to why I am for this statement is that; I think that people within each different age group have different levels of maturity. ...read more.


There could also be, and there is also an objection to this opinion of mine. This could be that, people may think that maturity has nothing to do with age, but it is to do with other factors such as knowledge and interests; such as reading newspapers and watching the news; also they may think that their knowledge may be a factor of their maturity. My counter argument for this, if this is the case would be that, many people judge maturity be age and possibly gender but not by intelligence, because a person will not stay with you just for a long time to find out how mature you are, but they will judge it upon age, gender and also your actions and how you handle different situations. BY: Nikesh Khakhar 10.5 ...read more.

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