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The Gospel was written to prove to non-believers that Jesus Christ is the Son of God Examine this claim regarding the purpose of Lukes Gospel.

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A)"The Gospel was written to prove to non-believers that Jesus Christ is the Son of God" Examine this claim regarding the purpose of Luke's Gospel. (18) B) To what extend may other purposes be equally important? (12) A)The word 'Christ' is the English term for the Greek word 'Christos' meaning 'the anointed one'. In Hebrew it's ( ????)'Mashiah' meaning the Messiah. In the Old Testament, kings, priests and prophets were anointed and in a sense messiahs. At the time of Jesus, people were awaiting for the promised one and for Elijah to come and pronounce his presence. They believed that the Messiah would be a military and king-like who will lead the people into battle and victory against the Romans. Luke's Gospel was indeed written to reveal Jesus Christ was the Son of God , the Messiah people were waiting for yet Luke also showed clearly that Jesus was not the type of Messiah people were expecting. Luke provides us with more input on Jesus' birth till the end of his ministry compared to the other Gospels. In Luke chapter 2 he shows us Jesus' messianic self consciousness from a young age. Jesus and his family had gone to the Temple in Jerusalem for Passover when Jesus was 12. ...read more.


He revealed his role as the promised one in many ways and times for instance his entrance to Jerusalem. Kings or leaders would usually ride a horse when seeing their people however, Jesus entered Jerusalem riding a donkey , a humble animal representing peace not war. This action stated clearly that he was not an aggressive war-like leader which people were expecting yet a humble, serving, suffering and dying Messiah. Luke shows through the description of Jesus' arrest , trial , crucifixion and death unambiguously Jesus' identity as the Messiah and the Son of God. Jesus sacrificed himself so that everyone's sins will be forgiven, this was an act of compassion and divinity. This showed that he was the Son of God , who is willing to act and sacrifice himself for his people. "A man who was completely innocent, offered himself as a sacrifice for the good of others, including his enemies, and became the ransom of the world. It was a perfect act. " quoted Gandhi. It was the purpose of the Gospel to show Jesus' nature as Messiah and Son of God. Luke wanted to make sure that future disciples understood Jesus' role as the Son of God who came to help the poor, free the prisoners, recover sight for the blind, heal the sick and most importantly bring people into the Kingdom of God. ...read more.


Jesus turned things around saying that all outcasts have a place in God's Kingdom. Instead of shunning them like regular people would, he approached them and helped them. Jesus even said that these are the people he had come for by claiming "it's not the healthy that need a doctor but the sick" when he was questioned why he was eating with sinners and tax collectors. Jesus' attitude to outcasts was one of care , compassion and understanding. This was shown when the blind beggar was not rejected yet healed while the rich ruler was rejected since he would not give his money to the poor. Jesus taught that the poor were blessed and said 'woe to the rich'. Sick people were often considered sinful and were banished because they could pass on their diseases. While everyone were trying their best to stay away from sick people , Jesus however did not , and also healed sick people. Jesus healed the paralytic man who was lowered through the roof on a mat by his friends. Luke's Gospel is also referred to as the Gospel of women since Luke had a sensitivity towards woman is such that his whole book is marked with a distinctly feminine overtone and his concern for downcast women was particularly evident. ...read more.

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