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'The Lord's Prayer'

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'The Lord's Prayer' 'The Lords prayer' was the first prayer that Jesus told his disciples, it is short and therefore a prayer that is easy to remember. The prayer can be found in the New Testament at Mathew 6:7-13 and Luke 11:2-4. Jesus has a good relationship with God and in the Lords prayer he uses the work 'abba' meaning 'daddy' showing this prayer could be close and personal to whoever is praying. Jesus could believe that God provided all basic needs for children as well as trust, comfort and protection making the prayer a good basic prayer that covers many aspects of praying. ...read more.


This means the prayer looks for hope in the Christian beholder teaching us that God's kingdom will come if we help others and give respect. According to Jesus, Christians should follow this path and be perfect like him. This should mean that all Christians should 'forgive debts' or 'sins' as well as being forgiven themselves by God as the Lords prayer asks. Most Christians find it hard to forgive sins of others so they can be forgiven themselves. There are possibly two perceptions of the quote 'from the evil one'. The statement could be thought for being delivered by a devil or someone supremely bad, the other could be a more deep and meaningful explanation this being a side of every ...read more.


To sum up the Lords prayer I would say that it is a guideline, it covers all aspects that the person praying might need to pray for. It is an in depth prayer which can be interpreted in so many ways, which makes it suitable for almost anyone. I like the prayer because if I couldn't think of anything to pray for I could say the Lords prayer and still feel satisfied in what I have said as appropriate. The prayer is very powerful to me because it to the point and authoritative, it stamps its mark on what is good and bad. It is the original, and like so many cases, anything after never is quite the same. Ollie Cambridge RE coursework yellow band ...read more.

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