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The Qur'an acts as a complete guide to life - Discuss

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Jo Batty The Qur'an acts as a complete guide to life - Discuss The Qur'an is the Holy Book for Muslims; they believe it is the word of God 'Kitab al Allah'. The Qur'an is a Muslims greatest treasure and an absolute guide to live 'this is the book, in its guidance sure without doubt'; the Qur'an is also seen as the main source of Law in Islam. The Qur'an covers every issue from the teaching of Tawhid to the guidance through the 5 Pillars. The Qur'an was delivered to Mohammad over a period of 22yrs through the intermediary Angel Gabriel and a process involving tanzil and wahy, tanzil the downward flow of the revelation and wahy, the way in which as a tool of God Mohammad received the words without mental for thought. ...read more.


As a guide to life the Qur'an is shown respect, when it is being read at home or in the mosque a Muslim must perform wuzu, this is believed that it prepares the worshipper for prayer and ensures that he is spiritually pure. Whilst the Qur'an is being read it is placed on a stand known as a kursi this is to keep it clean and it is also kept on the highest shelf in the house to show it has authority and to make sure it is kept clean. During a reading the worshipper must maintain a strict code of conduct for example there is no eating, drinking or talking and every Muslim must use a prayer mat. At the beginning of each sura apart from sura 9 it starts with Bismillah 'In the name of Allah, the merciful, the compassionate' this reminds the worshipper of how important God is. ...read more.


Muslim children attend a madrassah to learn the Arabic for the Qur'an. Somebody who can recite the Qur'an of by heart is called a hafiz. A hafiz is very important because that was what Mohammad did once a year on the anniversary of the night of power. As you can see the Qur'an is a complete source of guidance because without the Qur'an Muslims wouldn't know what duties to perform and how to submit to the will of Allah and as Mohammad was known as Al-Amin (trustworthy) and because he was illiterate there is no doubt over his claim to Prophecy, so therefore there is no doubt over the authenticity of the Qur'an as an absolute guide to life and as the 'Seal of the Prophets' he delivered Gods final revelation, making there be no need for any future 'divine intervention'. ...read more.

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