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There is nothing wrong with being ignorant as long as you are contented Dicuss.

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b) ?There is nothing wrong with being ignorant as long as you are contented? Dicuss. This discussion topic is one that is regulary debated by philosophers and people in general. Surely if we asked ourself the question ? if we can live in peace and happiness why should it matter if we live in ignorance or not? Surely we would just be jepodising our happiness for the ?real? truth? Then again some may argue that how can we know what happiness really is if we are actually living in ignorance, because that happiness we're feeling wouldn't actually be real. Plato's stand on this evident; he believes that by living in ignorance you are living far from the truth. As a philosopher Plato argues that you should always question the world that you live in, whether you are contented or not. His attitude was simple: how can you be content with something thats not possibly real? His famous teaching was the analogy of the cave. In this he taught others that there was once a cave, and in that cave lived a group of prisoners who had lived there all their lives. One day one of the prioners decided to break free and walk along the path of unknown, towards the sunlight. ...read more.


If we looked at another philosopher, Hereclitus, we can see how some of her ideas and theories may actually link to an idea that would agree with this statement. Heraclitus once said ?reality is unstable?, surely if reality is unstable then ignorance must be bliss? Heraclitus also said that ?you can never step in the same river twice?, teaching people that reality is ever-changing and is constantly in the process of change, therefore things go out of existance. Then surely, if Heraclitus is right, who would want to live in a reality that is unstable? Wouldn't you just prefer to live in a more stable world even if it was in ignorance? At least then you knew where you stood with the world rather than exprecting the Empirical world to always change. Therefore, this shows us that there was a philosopher that disagreed with Plato's words and that ignorance should be aceepted if you are content with a stable world. Although in the film ?The Matrix?, aired in 1999, it has a situation in the film which would apply to this statement. In the film the Morpheus tells the main characters Neo and Cypher that they have a decision to make. ...read more.


Where animals could get hunted down before they even grow to be an adult? How are the animals supposed to know whether they're living in ignorance or reality if they don't know any different? Linking this back to the statement, for me i think in this certain situation living in ignorance would be better than living in the harsh realities of the unknown wilderness. To conclude with, I believe that those who wish to live ignorance as long as they are content with it should do so. I can completely understand where they are coming from if they live a happy life. Why would you want to change that when reality may be bleak? Even though Plato said that we are blinded by this Empirical world and that we should widen our knowledge to venture into the Metaphysical world, the ?real world?, my belief is that Plato took his theories a bit too far and that maybe he was questioning a bit too much and should just accept that this world is the only and real world there is. When we hit our head, it hurts. How can this not be the real world? I believe that an ignorant world does not exist, but a ignorant state of mind does. But as long people are content with that then why should it matter? We're not living their lives so it has no influence on us. ...read more.

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