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Was it easier to be a disciple then than now?

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John Booth RE Coursework 8/2/01 Was it easier to be a disciple then than now? There are two sides to this argument. I think that most people think that it was harder to be a disciple then because more brutal things were done to people in those days. There was a greater chance of laying down their lives for their faith than today. eg.crucifixion was a common way to put people to death in those days. Today people don't really follow their own beliefs, they just believe what everybody else does. This has led to a massive number of people who claim to have faith but don't practise it. ...read more.


Christians lives 2000 years ago were much simpler. Most of them had a routine lifestyle and did the same thing everyday. This meant that they knew what would happen tomorrow and because of this there was no stress in their jobs. There were no deadlines or million pound deals anywhere because they weren't in direct contact with the whole world. They lived in a close communities and they knew most of the people they dealt with in business. People had more time not working and could focus on their beliefs. This made them more devout Christians as they spent the extra time practising their faith. ...read more.


We are in a part of the world where opposition to Christianity is less. These days you have a very different persecution. Now people think that your'e a strange person and make fun of you if you speak out whereas in those days they'd persecute you with physical pain rather than emotional. The saying "To take up your cross," isn't actually meant litterally, it just means follow me and take whatever comes to you. Most people think that it's easier to be a Christian today because a person isn't killed but what affects people more because it stays there forever, is emotional pain. There is more of that now if you differ in the beliefs of the people around you. Also people today are much better educated and they want scientific proof and they can form an opinion themselves. ...read more.

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