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"What are the main aims and messages of feminist theology?"

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Matthew Pitt L6W 24/3/2003 "What are the main aims and messages of feminist theology?" As Rosemary Radford Ruether said, "The critical principle of feminist theology is the promotion of the full humanity of women". The factors which take away women's humanity, which have been created by Patriarchal societies, are seen as not being true representations of the divine and the nature of the world. These implications are voiced throughout the bible, in the testament both Old and New and "Uses texts according to implicit or explicit assumptions about the normative development of Biblical faith". The bible is also claimed to show how this prophetic faith denounces religious ideologies and systems that function to justify and sanctify the dominant, unjust social order. ...read more.


They also realised that all experience was from that of men, and began to explore theology from a women's perspective. This then became an ongoing process of going into detail of the different types of experience. For example, a heterosexual women, a homosexual women, a bi-sexual women, a blind women, a pregnant women etc. The list is infinite as there are so many different combinations and possible experiences. Because of this, the aims and messages of Feminist Theology are difficult to explain and outline as many different points are trying to be made from many different angles. These 'angles' or aims are derived from different sources, mainly the bible, but more recently from modern statistics and experiences. ...read more.


The emphasis is on the bible though, as it the basis of Feminist Theology. Nowadays, this lays the foundation for the arguments the Feminist theologians use. They now try to raise awareness of cruelty and violence against women in modern society, as well as using figures from years previous to compare these figures. These Theologians are trying to demonstrate how even though women's role in life today has changed, i.e. employment, reproductive practices, sexual practices and family structures - the way they are seen and treated has not. Although they have increased status in society, they still experience sexism, which has not evolved at all and resembles that shown originally in the bible. "Feminists such as Daley have argued that language was an effective way of keeping women away. Do you agree? ...read more.

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