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What is it meant by 'moral relativism?'

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Situation Ethics 'What is it meant by 'moral relativism?' Moral relativism is the view that there are no objective ethical truths, that moral facts only hold relative to a given individual or society. According to this ethical theory, what is morally good for one person or culture might be morally bad for another, and vice versa, there are no moral absolutes. The individual form of moral relativism is called subjectivism; this is where each individual has his or her own moral principles. ...read more.


The young experience and internalize values, they then conform to society; stick to the values and in the end everyone is conventionalist. Situation ethics deals with the situation. It's the action that brings the greatest number of love (agape) to the greatest number of people, which is good. With situation ethics you cannot prescribe rules but must make decisions to deal with the situations. It is a way of imitating Jesus or Gods love. The strengths of moral relativism is that it is flexible and practical. ...read more.


It doesn't seem to allow the facts that there are common moral values in society. In situation ethics there is always the risk that minority's will loose out, it seems to be compassionate, but not to the individual. Situation ethics is meant to give the greatest amount of love to the greatest number of people, but love is far too 'vague' to say is one rule. It is based on Christian beliefs but not everyone agrees with Christian beliefs. There are problems defining situations, it depends on your decisions to decide what's right or wrong. ...read more.

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