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What is the Torah and Why is it Important To Jews?

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1) What is the Torah and Why is it Important To Jews? The Torah is the holy book of the Jews. It is part of the Tenak and has five books, this is known as the Pentateuh. The Torah is seen, by practising Jews, as a sacred possession and for this reason the real Torah is kept and dressed in the Synagogue, it is used by only the readers and is not even allowed to be touched with their hands. The book is highly respected. The Torah contains the 613 Mitzvah, (commandments.) And within these are the 10 sayings. Practising Jews study the Torah as it contains history of the Jews and tradition including Exodus, Moses and Race. ...read more.


and therefore by sticking to these rules they could have to avoid certain activities. For example, one of the 10 sayings is to 'not create/worship idols,' as a result a practising Jew wishing to keep to the teachings of the Torah would not be able to have a job in the marketing/advertising industry. Another example of the Torah's teachings affecting a devout Jew's life could be excluding themselves from a friend/neighbours dinner party as they cannot eat certain foods and are unable to mix their taught food groups. In addition, a Jew may be required to give up certain activities or social gatherings to make time for worship/prayer. For example, 'the Sabbath day should be kept holy,' and so a Jew would not be able to attend a party on this day if he/she wished to follow the teachings of the Torah. ...read more.


However, a traditional Jew would come back to this by saying that it is strict tradition and the religion still lasts up to today, so does the Torah commandments. Another argument for the statement could be that the commandments are old fashioned. But an Orthodox Jew would disagree and say that the 10 sayings still apply to life today and are just morals that every human should follow to make the world a better place, I agree with this. I think that The Torah's commandments wouldn't really be hard to follow with modern day life for a true, honouring Jew who is determined to keep to it's teachings, although to others it may be hard to see it is their religion and the most important thing, (an arguable statement,) in their lives'. ...read more.

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