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When dealing with zombies, one can find a lot of examples that relate with the theme of moral dilemma.

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´╗┐Yanick Rodrigue Horror and Ethics 603-102-MQ Zombies in a Moral Dilemma Lately, zombies have been really popular for people entertainment. The media make them look scary, and sometimes funny. However, we have a connection with these mythical creatures because somehow they are between life and death. This essay, will discuss the role of moral dilemma in horror by giving some examples of characters that face the situation of what is the right thing to do when making their decisions, based on horror stories and T.V series regarding zombies. More specifically, the essay will discuss the aspect of what is the right thing to do, and why do people make these decisions. For example, when someone is about to make a decision but he or she is not sure about doing it because he or she does not know if it is the right thing to do, or if it is going to be better or worse in a moral aspect. What will also be discussed is how the decisions one make can be followed by guilt. ...read more.


No human deserves to be a zombie and it might be morally better for them to be killed. It is not evident to let someone die when we believe there is still something that can be done. Just like Morgan, there are other similar stories that relate to this situation. Some of them show us how far people can go in order to keep their loved ones alive. While watching T.V series or reading stories about zombies, we may think that the characters must kill the beasts and save themselves by getting out of there, even if they had feelings towards the person that was there before becoming a zombie. In the story [1]?Consumption? by Steve Eller, we have an example that goes even further than the limits of the one of The Walking Dead. Here, Luther is keeping alive his zombie- daughter in the back of his RV by feeding her with humans. He refuses to let her die and even says that there is another way of doing things, ?I couldn?t let her go, I couldn?t let her die like that when there was another way.? He says that to Amber right before hitting her and feeding her to his daughter. ...read more.


Pratt is telling us that is necessary to kill one if we have to. This situation is an exaggerated example of moral dilemma, because obviously being in a situation where one has to kill a zombie does not happen really often. However, one learns from these examples that morality is important but does not have necessarily a right way or wrong way to do things. In real life, one faces the same kind of situations but with different issues and problems. One has to think carefully for the decisions we make because they may affect the ones that surround us and may also affect us psychologically. Doing the right thing and to get to know what to do in order to do it right is not always easy, but we just have to put ourselves in other people?s places and we might have the answer for a lot of questions. Also by being kind with everyone that we are dealing with, and not having self-interested thoughts. This way, one will probably never feel like being guilty of something. ________________ [1] Consumption by Steve Eller [2] Zombie Killing by Elizabeth Pearl. http://www.maristcircle.com/zombie-killing-morally-right-or-wrong-1.2453669 ...read more.

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