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With reference to other aspects of human experience, comment on the view that abortion violates the rights and dignity of the mother and child. Justify your answer.

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Transfer-Encoding: chunked ´╗┐With reference to other aspects of human experience, comment on the view that abortion violates the rights and dignity of the mother and child. Justify your answer. [15] There are many who agree that abortion violates the rights and dignity of mother and child, these people refer to themselves as ?pro-life.? They believe that an unborn child still has human rights, and that to kill it is murder. Abortion undermines motherhood by dehumanising the foetus to little more than an appendage of the mother?s body. An organisation that supports this view is Abolish Human Abortion. They are perhaps the most outspoken Christian pressure group and are against abortion in any circumstances: ?We demand the immediate and total abolition of abortion. ...read more.


Finally, abortion discriminates against the disabled. The term used for severely disabled babies is ?incompatible with life.? Many mothers of disabled children find this grossly offensive. Derbhille McGill was told to abort her daughter Cloadagh, who had Edward?s syndrome, but she refused and cherished the 33 days her daughter lived. It?s not just physical disabilities, either. In England, 92% of Down?s Syndrome babies are killed despite being able to live well into adulthood. How can our society claim to be accommodating of disability while permitting such eugenic abortion? On the other hand, many would see abortion as either a necessary evil or a force for good. Abortion is a form of female emancipation and sexual freedom. ...read more.


ensuring all women have equal access to safe, legal and moral abortion care.? They believe that the Bible never explicitly condemns abortion and that a woman has the God-given right to decide how many children she wants. To quote Majorie Signer, ?as moral agents, women have the God-given obligation to make decisions about the course of action that seems most responsible in cases of unwelcome pregnancy.? To conclude, there may be some merit in allowing abortion in exceptional cases. However, abortion on demand is a slippery slope that could lead to society to view an unborn child as little more than a parasite. In any case, the child is unable to speak out and the mother may feel forced into getting an abortion against her wishes. This violates the rights of both mother and child. ...read more.

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