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With reference to other aspects of human experience, comment on the view that monastic spirituality is an outdated concept in the 21st Century?

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With reference to other aspects of human experience, comment on the view that monastic spirituality is an outdated concept in the 21st Century? Charlotte McCaffrey Mrs McCormick In the 21st Century, it could be said that monastic spirituality in an outdated concept. In the contemporary world we live in today, it has become increasingly difficult to live obedient to the Churches teaching. Some people would argue that there should be no real set of moral codes, and that the Church should not have such high authority. This contrasts to the Celtic Monks belief that "Nothing must be refused in their obedience; to be Christ's true disciple...it will not be pleasing to the Lord." In society today, people don't see a need for a moral code. They make their own subjective decisions about what is right and wrong from them, and don't accept religious or government law. Grove argues "People do not see the Church as having a real relevance in their everyday lives, and therefore do not recognise its authority in everyday matters." Some sociologists have said that it is this belief that has led to religious organizations "watering down" their beliefs to accommodate many beliefs, in the hope that this would make their religion more popular. ...read more.


These figures support the view that as Christians, we no longer feel compelled to be obedient to God. This can relate back to what Pope Benedict described as "The Culture of Relativism." Another debated issue is the importance of chastity and sexuality in our society today. Saint Columbanus said "a monk's chastity is indeed judged by his thoughts." He said that they were not only judged by sexual relations, but by the purity of the mind, and the sexual desires that they experienced. This view contrasts greatly to the view of society today. In our modern society, people are often sexually objectified. An estimated average of 75% of prime television shows include content of a sexual nature, and in soap operas it is estimated that extra-marital sex is referred to two out of three times every hour. This is because the television company's know that in today's society, sex sells. It is no longer thought of as a big deal, and there has been a massive increase in sexual promiscuity. This has led to a big increase in sexually transmitted diseases, which are becoming increasingly difficult to control. ...read more.


Views that should be had today have slowly died off, and have left places worse off. However, Bishop Casadaliga reminds us that "as long as there are poor people in the world, and as long as there is a God who cares for the poor, there will be a need for a theology of Liberation." The spirit of Liberation Theology is very much evident in Celtic Monasticism in many ways, from the care of the poor and the sinner, to the welcoming of the stranger. Hospitality was always extremely generous in the monasteries, and any stranger who came was very well looked after. In 2004, 19% of asylum seekers were allowed to find refuge in Britain, while 78% were turned away. The Celtic monks in their openness to all, especially the weakest turned no one away. This shows another way that Monastic Spirituality could be considered an outdated concept in 21st Century life. In conclusion, it would appear that Monastic Spirituality is in fact an outdated concept in 21st Century living, with our lackadaisical views on chastity and sexuality, and our selfish views on poverty, it seems that Monastic Spirituality has been lost, and I believe it would be in the Catholic Churches interest to try and retrieve some of this monastic spirit. ...read more.

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