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AS and A Level: Science

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  1. The lymphatic system during ill health

    • Word count: 414
    • Submitted: 11/04/2016
  2. Purification of aluminium from Bauxite

    • Word count: 988
    • Submitted: 15/11/2015
  3. Types of metabolite

    • Word count: 567
    • Submitted: 15/11/2015

Unlike at GCSE, there isnt an A level in general or combined Science. At A level Science is studied in its component subjects:Physics,Chemistry and Biology. There is a level of specialism required in each of these, which means that to combine them into one subject would dilute the knowledge required.

Marked by Teachers has an enormous archive of essays and answers in the individual sciences which will really help you gain the skills required to succeed in your studies at this level.

The individual three sciences are highly viewed by universities and if you want to go on to study for a degree in Medicine, Dentistry or Pharmacology you'll need to have both


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