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Albert Einstein

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Albert Einstein


Albert Einstein is renowned for developing revolutionary theories of physics such as the general theory of relativity this is why he is inspirational and also because he did not do very well at school, but yet came up with revolutionary ideas. He also possessed a keen sense of social responsibility. His humanitarian efforts assisted Jews who had escaped from the clutches of Nazi Germany during World War II.  Albert was intrigued by the needle of the compass. He wondered what forces were at work to make the needle always point north. The compass made a deep and lasting impression on him.Einstein was interested in the relationship between electricity and magnetism (electromagnetism) because

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2. What this equation essentially means is that as an object accelerates, the energy required to keep it accelerating, increases. The development of this theory led other scientists to try to
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Einstein died in his sleep at a Princeton hospital in 1955. He will forever be remembered as a pre-eminent scientist and a humanitarian.

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