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An experiment to find the strength of five Household Acids And Alkalis.

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Chemistry Coursework Experiment Thomas Temple 10i An experiment to find the strength of five Household Acids And Alkalis. Introduction: In this experiment I hope to find out the strength of three household alkalines and two household acids. Prediction I plan to do this by using the theory of neutralisation. Neutralisation is when an Alkalae neutralises an Acid or vice-versa. Neutralisation happens when Hydrogen Ions from the acid react with the Hydroxide Ions from the Alkalae to form Water. H + OH H O (aq) (aq) (l) Acid + Alkalae Water (Neutral) The reason that this reaction works is that Acids give away Hydrogen Ions where as Alkalaes take them, and without this, neutralisation couldn't happen. So the Alkalae takes the Hydrogen Ions From the Acid so the Alkalae now has two Hydrogen Ions joined to one Oxygen Ion, which is left over from the Alkalae and this is called Water ( H2O ) which is neutral ( Ph7 ). In this experiment I shall be using alkalines to neutralise the Acid and acids to neutralise alkalines. Bases are chemical opposites of Acids and they are often called Antacids ( against Acids ). ...read more.


Although I think Kitchen Cleaner will be strongest I also think that it will only just be stronger than Carpet cleaner and I think that it could be a close contest between Kitchen and Carpet Cleaner. Safety: * Wear goggles at all times. * Always wash off any Acid or Alkalae spilt on your skin * Bags and coats under desks * Long hair tied back Apparatus: 1 10ml Measuring Cylinder, 1 Pipette, 1 100ml Conical Flask, 1 White Tile, 1 Bottle of Acid (1M ) and 1 bottle of each five household Agents (window cleaner , Carpet Cleaner , Toilet Duck , Bathroom Cleaner and Kitchen cleaner Diagram: Method: 1. Collect all of the apparatus. 2. Measure out 5ml/cm3 of the Base and pour it into the Conical Flask. 3. Add 8 drops of Universal Indicater to the Base. We use Universal Indicator because it has the widest range of colour of colour change and therefore it is the accurate of all the Indicaters. 4. Measure out 10ml/cm3 of Acid or alkaline ( 1m ). 5. As slowly as possible pour in the Acid or Alkaline, swirling the solution around after every pour to help the colour change. ...read more.


I cannot however say accuratly which out of all household Agents is the strongest because I have not tested all of them. By doing this experiment I have also proved that the theory of neutralisation works. Evaluation: Overall I was very pleased with the outcome of this experiment. Throughout the experiment I followed the Fair Test and this obviously made the results of this experiment more accurate. If I could do this experiment again to improve it I would: repeat the experiment more than three times, I would do the hole experiment again using different types of Acids and alkalines with perhaps different strengths and I would like to go on to test the strength of other household Alkalisand Acids ) Learn more about the theory of neutralisation and the process and to increase the accuracy of my current results. Another thing that I noticed when doing this experiment was that the reaction between alkalines and Acids was exothermic so in the future I would like to explore this in more detail by measuring the temperature of the solution throughout the reaction to try and gain a better understanding of neutralisation. In this experiment I also had no odd results so this means that the experiment was quite accurate. ...read more.

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