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Are mobile phones more of nuisance than a benefit?

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Are mobile phones more of nuisance than a benefit? Answer: Today the world remains upon the palm of our hand. Mobile phones- the latest technological vogue- have brought the world so narrow that we are always in tact with family, business matters, happenings of the world and the possible dangers no matter wherever we are. Up to August 2005, 2 billion people in the world use cell phones taking them as gifts of science to their modern lives. But terming so much importance of cell phones, are they really good to human? This is one of the most alarming issues that we come through today.-93 Mobile phones have created technological revolution in our generation. It seems amusing that advanced cell phones are even capable of working more than home computers. Through Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) phones, we can surf internet with ease, watch live TV, make necessary business documents, send and receive emails, chat, capture photos with high resolution besides many other tasks like messaging, making phone calls etc. ...read more.


Today, businessmen can manage and coordinate their office through cell phones. Credit card holders can purchase goods of their want through e-commerce using advanced cell phones like pocket PC. They can make banking transactions through them, carry insurance tasks and advertise their goods, to term few among many options.-61 Cell phones might come to be 'hot potato' too once we come to know its hazards, brain tumor being the foremost health effect caused by microwaves and radiations from mobile phones as a result of interference in natural process of DNA replication and repair. Researchers from the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority in Finland have found that people who used mobile phones for 10 years or more were 39 percent more likely than average to get a brain cancer (glioma) on the side of their head where they held their handset. Similarly, in 2004, Dr George Carlo - the man hired by the cell phones companies in the US to investigate the hazards, finally told reporters, ...read more.


-120 The next global problem that cell phones cause is the detrimental waste. Cell phones contain toxic materials such as lead, mercury, beryllium, arsenic, cadmium, and antimony. Once they are indiscriminately thrown they pollute the air and by landfills they can reach groundwater. Alongside, it has been recorded that unused cell phones are growing at a rate of more than 2 million phones in the US alone per week. So, cell phones have turned to be the modern source of pollutants.-91 Even if the use of cell phones is a huge debatable current issue, the overwhelming benefits they provide to the modern world outweigh the hazards. We are operating almost the world through cell phones at 21st century and no hazards can conversely have consequences at that level. However, the mobile phone industry and scientists should effectively involve in bringing remedy to the side-effects. Thus, cell phones no longer are nuisance rather are beneficial although they have slight negative cons. ...read more.

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