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Aseptic Conditions

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Aseptic Conditions Aseptic condition is a phase used to describe that the area you are in must be thoroughly clean as in things such as the tables, food, hands and even the air. An good example would be an scientist who is about to undergo an experiment, he must firstly clean the area he is in so that nothing goes wrong in the experiment but this is only depending on the type of experiment your doing. The scientist must clean all the equipment such as the lab mats, beakers, and he must make sure he washes his hands also; this is meant by aseptic condition it is basically to just clean the area within you when carrying out a certain task. ...read more.


* Reduces the chance of getting micro organisms that cannot be removed. * Occupy disinfected instruments and other Items. Examples of aseptic techniques would be: * Washing hands (Cleaning with soap and water) * Surgical scrub * Using safe operative methods (making small incisions and so on) * Ensuring your in a safe environment in the procedure area. * Sterilisation (Eliminates all micro organisms) * Provide clean air in the working area When using sterilisation as an aseptic technique there are many ways in which it could be done, one for example is using steam. Steam sterilization (frequently referred to as autoclaving) depends on the use of steam above 100oC it can only be used with certain materials and certain metals, if it was to be used on a plastic it would cause it to melt because of the high temperatures. ...read more.


The autoclave is used for heat resistant equipment which needs to be sterilised. Hot Air Oven- This method of sterilisation uses dry heat that requires high temperatures for efficient sterilisation than moist heat does. This method is used for more delicate equipment such as syringes. Infrared Radiation- This method is also used for delicate equipment just like the hot air oven, the infrared rays heat the instrument up to really high temperatures killing off all organisms that exist on it. Gamma Rays- The method used for gamma rays sterilisation is that the organisms that exist on the equipment will be blasted with some gamma radiation, this will then disturb the normal function of their cells and it would kill them automatically, this method is often used for materials that are easily damaged by heat. ...read more.

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