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Name:Liu Wing Ki Class:6C No:22 human responsibility for environment conservation sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the prevent without compromising the ablility of future generation to meet their own needs As over past years, many counties econmic growth boost .It brings many consequences to the environment . As the technology being better,the energy consumption will increase.For supplying energy,it needs to release lots of wastes and harmful gaseous .Finally, the ecosystem would be destroyed .Therefore ,sustainable development is needed to make a balance between socio-economic development and environment protection .To develop economy also giving a comfortable evironmment for people to live. In order to maintain the balance also, sustainable development have many benefit.It can reduce wastage by reducing energy use.it can also improve human health as the pollution is better so it can reduce the money use on health care. Human activities remove the forest for paper manufacture ,furniture and fuel .Defforestation will lead many serious ecological problem such as the destroy of forest will make the species loss their home. ...read more.


Also ,create the fire lines to prevent the fire be more serious. To protect environment,3R policy (reuse ,reduce, recycle)is employed to minimize pollution. By recycling of paper,the size of rubbishes can be reduced.Less trees need to be removed, forest can save .By recycling of metal such as aluminium,the energy use can be reduce as lots of electrical energy is required to produce aluminium. The organisums in the ecosystem are interdependent ,each species are playing important role in the food chain.If a kind of species are destroyed,the upper trophic level 's species of that kind of species would also be affected. Also,the countryside is also very important ,it is a habitat of wild life. It also have many function such as to control soil erosion ,to maintain the fertility of soil In asethetic consideration ,wild plant supply us many useful material , oils, paper and herbal medicines .Also, wild plant and animal are benefit in nature .They provide a beautiful view and environment to human and make us relax .The wild life tourism are also able to let people know the importance of conservation. ...read more.


Also, over 100 eggs of them are reproduce by human successfully in Hong Kong. Moreover, More 700 of them were sent from Royal Melburne Zoologial Garden to Hong Kong. The pollution control measure There are many ways of control the water pollution. Effluent discharge from factories is control to prevent toxic substances enter to the sea .Treating sewage is also very important to trat the domestic sewage. Agricultural effluent id treated by intergrated farming system. The wastes are collected and then to converted to compost. To develop economy ,there are many construction of infrastructure , land reclamation is undergoes to produce more land. This kind of activities will dig up the sea floor for sand to reclaim the land, so the habitats of marine organisum will also affect as the water is polluted .Also the destruction of forest for paper manufacture, furniture and fuel will also cause the depletion of plant species and soil erosion. Therefore, in order to develop economic , a good balance between envirnment also should be maintain .A good living environment is important related to us, so environment education and legislation is very important to educate human to aware of environmental protection and control the human activity. ...read more.

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