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Cause of Skin Cancer Theory.

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Cause of Skin Cancer Theory This theory of cancer was presented in detail in the book One Answer to Cancer by Dr William Kelley, although certain adaptations have been made. You would be well served to look at the original book available for free on the internet. According to the theory, a person cannot have cancer unless three factors are present. These three factors are: (I) The presence of a certain type of cell that becomes genetically damaged. In the cases of squamous cell carcinoma and basal cell carcinoma, this damage may result from excessive sun exposure. (II) The stimulating presence of female hormones. These cause a damaged cell that is cancerous to multiply itself repeatedly, resulting in tumor growth. (III) A deficiency of active pancreatic enzymes. These activated pancreatin enzymes circulate in the blood to selectively destroy cancerous cells. These three factors give us three very different battlefronts to prevent and treat cancers. These factors lead to many simple, inexpensive, easy to try strategies that work rapidly, effectively, and in harmony with the body. Pancreatin enzymes excreted by the pancreas in the body and then activated are the army of the body's cancer defense mechanism, analogous in function to white blood cells for fighting bacterial infections and to antibodies for fighting viral infections. Pancreatin enzymes actually have two important functions in the body: digestion of foods and routine cancer eradication. Pancreatin is a mix of different enzymes, and those involved in the digestion of proteins are also used to eliminate cancers that occur throughout the body. ...read more.


People are eating more protein more often. It turns out the body needs about six hours to digest proteins. The body also needs several hours after that to use the pancreatin it produces to destroy naturally occurring cancers. With three protein intensive meals a day and even an additional protein intensive late night snack, there may not be a long enough period without protein for the pancreatin that the body produces to be used to tackle the task of cancer eradication. Here is another quirk of cancer: It needs a protein intensive food supply to grow that it is also able to sap from muscles in the body so that the afflicted person may crave protein even more. This leads to a snowball effect. Cancer fighting pancreatin enzymes can be destroyed by contact with acids. Many popular cosmetics that contain acids are a special concern for skin cancer. Also, a diet comprised mostly of refined foods and meats may result in an acidic body chemistry that depletes these enzymes. Cancer cells metabolize foods inefficiently and generate very acidic wastes. This extra acidity can compound an already bad environment for pancreatin enzymes. A cancer tumor typically has very poor internal circulation because its structure is formed randomly. This poor circulation allows an acid barrier to develop around the cancer because the acidic wastes are not swept away. The acid envelope keeps out the enzymes the body provides to destroy the cancer. The excess acidity also enables the cancer to spread by dissolving adjacent normal cells as its food source, essentially creating its own independent digestive system. ...read more.


Dr. Kelley is a survivor of cancer of the pancreas (5 year survival rate of about 4% with conventional treatments). He claimed to have about an 85% success rate treating thousands of cancers over several decades. One factor limiting his success is that often people would come to him in extremely poor condition after exhausting conventional treatments. Another factor was the intense opposition to his work, in part because he was a doctor of dentistry and not medicine. I found out about the healing power of pancreatin enzymes before becoming aware of them. I have used pancreatin enzyme based treatments successfully on two potential skin cancers. On the first lesion recommended for a biopsy by a dermatologist as a probable squamous cell carcinoma, I used a topical pancreatin enzyme preparation (actually a mosquito bite remedy) that I more or less stumbled upon. On a second lesion with skin cancer symptoms, I used oral pancreatin enzyme supplements along with several other strategies based on the three causal factors found in Dr. Kelley's book. In both instances, healing progress was noticeable within a few days, fairly complete healing took several weeks. From these experiences, I have detailed many free or inexpensive, easy-to-try home remedy strategies. My goal is to help afflicted people learn in detail about alternatives and options that may be useful to them, without promoting anything for sale or offering medical advice. Of course, any alternative cancer treatment should be approached with considerable caution and with the understanding that you experiment with it entirely at your own risk. ...read more.

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