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Cell Phones: Necessity or Commodity

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Cell Phones: Necessity or Commodity? As I walked thought the Eaton's Center in downtown Toronto, I was astonished at the number of people I saw with cell phones. Talking on them, taking pictures with and even using the internet via their cells to instant message their friends. Cell phones have only recently become part of a status symbol or symbol of "cool" that is sweeping North American and the world alike. Cell phones fit perfectly into the four characteristics of pop culture. They are one of the most popular commercial electronic products today; this is mainly due to the pressures of advertising as well their easy of use and comfort and safety that they provide to consumers. They have moved very quickly from local to national and to global acceptance. This is due to that fact that they use the same principle of use as a land line phones and therefore people of all ages who are familiar which the system now carry cell phones to keep in touch. ...read more.


Early cell phones were mainly installed in cars; handheld versions were as big as a brick, cost over a thousand dollars, and had a battery life measured in mere minutes. But in the 1990s the magic of the microchip drove prices down, shrank the phones to pocket size, reduced their energy needs, and packed them with computational powers. By the year 2000, 100 million people in the United States and a billion worldwide were using cell phones-not just talking on them but also playing games, getting information off the Internet, and using the keyboard to send short text messages, a favourite pastime of Japanese teenagers in particular. In countries where most households still lack a telephone- China and India, for example-the first and only phone for many people is likely to be wireless. Ultimately, Alexander Graham Bell's vision of a wired world may yield to a future in which, for everyone, personal communication is totally portable. I believe that this is one item that we as North Americans have grown a custom to and for good reason. ...read more.


They also helped boost the market by integrating other products and services into the phone such as calculators, digital phonebooks, cameras, access to the internet and the latest being, the ability to watch television via your cell phone. Although many people do not need these features they are pushed by advertisements and salespersons alike to be up to date with the new technology because no one who's anyone wants to be left behind. This course has been a real eye-opener for me I now see advertising and popular culture in a different light. I am not against popular culture because it does make life more interesting and challenges companies to come up with new and exciting products. However I am not 100% for many aspects of popular culture because of the way things are marketed and advertised. Creating a false need is basically what is driving the cell phone and other markets alike, generating millions annually to money hungry corporations. I am now able to recognize items associated with popular culture and advertising and actually view the product regardless of who's posing or speaking on the behalf of the newest craze. ...read more.

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