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Charles wells brewery

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Charles wells brewery course work

This investigation will be into some physics aspects which occur at the Charles Wells brewery in Bedford. This brewery is the fifth largest in the UK and can hold up to 46,000 pints at one moment. The two aspects of physics I will be discussing in this piece of coursework are the x-rays used to detect how much beer there is in each can, the anti-vac valve and the pressure release valve. The x-ray is used to measure how much beer is in each can. The x-rays are simply sent through one side of the beer can and are collected on the other side which then shows how much of the x-rays have got through the can. The pressure release valve is used to release the pressure from within the tank to balance out the air pressures so that dents aren’t formed on the tank. The anti-vac valve is used for the opposite, to stop the tank imploding.


The reason that they choose to use x-rays to measure how much beer is in each can is

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This valve is used on any closed tank.

Calculations for the anti-vac valve.

From the diagram before I know 4 pieces of information to find out what the two moments need to be.

Firstly for the ACWM (anti-clockwise movement) I know that counter weight is 5kg, the gravity is 9.81 N, the distance from the pivot is 0.3m and for the CWM (clockwise movement) moment I know that the distance from the pivot is 0.1m.

If the ACWM 5kg x 9.81N x 0.3m which is equal to 14.715Nm, from this I know that the CWM needs to equal 14.715Nm.

So to find the CWM I divide the 14.715 by 0.1 I get 147.15N. This is the value that the pressure needs to be coming from outside of the tank to balance these two forces.

Pressure relief valve

The pressure relief valve is used to help prevent the risk of the tanks getting damaged from causes such as over pressurising or liquid overfill.

The way in which physics is used in this valve is that if the pressure from the carbon dioxide inside the tank is

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To develop this equipment further you could control it via computer. This would ensure accurate changes it the valves to adjust to the different conditions facing them more easily.  

The pressure relief valve could be used for hot water systems, gases and non-corrosive fluids. The anti-vac valve can be used in hot water heaters.





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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Modern Physics section.

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