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Checking Newton’s 2nd law of motion

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Checking Newton's 2nd law of motion In this experiment I will make measurements on a two - pulley system and use them to check Newton's 2nd law: 'The rate of momentum of a body Is directly proportional to the external, Resultant force acting upon it. The change in momentum takes place in the Direction of that force. The apparatus is set up as shown in the diagram below: The masses m1 and m2 are initially set at 400 grams each. ...read more.


I then held m1 by hand, added one 10g mass, and released it. My partner at that exact moment started the stopwatch. When the m1 hit the soft material the stopwatch was stopped. I recorded the time taken in the table below and repeated this a further one more time so I could finally take an average reading. Extra mass added to m1 Time 1 s Time 2 s Mean Time Time� s� 1/(m Kgs-1 0.020 3.0 4.18 3.59 12.8 50 0.040 1.60 2.14 1.87 3.49 25 0.060 1.62 1.45 1.53 ...read more.


For the downward motion of the mass m2 I applied F=ma M1g - T = m1a...1 For the upward motion of m2 T - m1g = m1a...2 Adding 1 and 2 cancels out T M2g - m1g = m2a+m1a (m2 - m1)g = (m2+m1) a There for a = m2-m1/m2+m1 g...3 Now s=ut + at� U=0, and There for s=1/2at� A=2s/t�...4 Substituting 4 in 3 for a 2s/t� = (m/M g ( 2Ms= t�.g.(m This can be written as t� = 2Ms/g . 1/(m m, s and g are constants. So a graph of t� against 1/(m should result in a straight line through the origin. ...read more.

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