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Cloning, is it man playing god?

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3845 ??? Cloning, is it man playing god? Cloning has become currently one of the hottest topics in society because of the laboratory-produced sheep Dolly, named after the country singer Dolly Patron. The birth of this little cloned sheep shocked society tremendously and created many controversial discussions. In the wake of this human cloning, religious leaders all over the world have condemned the action citing the reason that it is playing of god. However, we must understand that we at the Consortium that are involved in this effort are as human as anyone else. There is almost no difference between in-vitro fertilization (IVF) and cloning, other than the fact that the source of the genetic material is slightly different. Cloning is not playing of god, rather it is a salutary act which can fulfill human needs. ...read more.


Looking back in science in the past, this distrust is totally understandable and logical. As an example, people think about atomic energy and above all the resulting atomic bomb. Scientists did not intended to make atomic bomb from the beginning and surely it would not have been god's will to make these lethargic weapons. Atomic energy could have been a very useful source of energy if it were used properly. Often people's repugnance, including many Christians and Catholics, is because of lack of knowledge. In other words, the average person does not know much about research and also does not fully understand it. Moreover, people are easily influenced by the possibility of cloning's misuses and abuses. However, similar to atomic energy, if cloning is used and treated with a careful manner, it can bring many advantages to our lives. ...read more.


While many have expressed vehement opposition to cloning on religious and ethical grounds, compelling arguments can be made on science and medical grounds. Knowledge of the genetic identity of human beings - discovered by the Human Genome Project - gives us knowledge of the "Holy Grail" of life. It also provides the potential for genetic engineering - to engineer diseases out of, and to add enhancement into human life. Additionally, the unbelievable discoveries of the neurogenesis of brain cells in adults, cloning, progress on artificial organs, and the creation of embryonic and adult stem cell lines for therapy multiplied the chances to cure for the diseases of human that has never been possible before. Cloning is not man playing god. If it is used properly, that might be the gods will. Hence, with the fortification of the law banning some extreme experiments on human, cloning can become a profitable discovery for both human, society and god. ...read more.

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