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Cloning Plants & Animals

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Cloning Plants & Animals Plant Cloning Cloning can also happen as a result of human intervention. Tissue culture or micro-propagation is a way of propagating plants very quickly by taking a small number of cells from a 'parent' plant and growing them in a medium rich in nutrients and plant growth hormones. This technique involves the following steps: 1. A small amount of parent tissue or a number of cells are taken and 2. transferred to plates containing sterile nutrient agar jelly, 3. Auxins are added to stimulate the cells to divide by mitosis 4. Cells grow rapidly into small masses of tissue 5. ...read more.


by chance All new plants inherit the same desirable characteristics No variation means there is a danger of reducing the gene pool 6. The tiny plantlets are transferred into potting trays where they develop into plants Cloning of plants has many important commercial implications. Successful varieties of plants can be produced commercially on a massive scale in a relatively short space of time, enabling scientists to develop: * Fast growing crops that give more than one harvest in a year, or * Crops with better disease-resistant qualities. ...read more.


about the longevity of cloned animals 1. An egg cell was removed from the ovary of an adult female sheep, and the nucleus removed. 2. Using micro-surgical techniques, the empty egg cell was fused with DNA extracted from an udder cell of a donor sheep 3. The fused cell now began to develop normally, using the donated DNA. 4. Before the dividing cells became specialised the embryo was implanted into the uterus of a foster-mother sheep. The result was Dolly, genetically identical to the donor sheep. ...read more.

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