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Communicating Laboratory Procedures

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Communicating Laboratory Procedures (Nmsu, 2008) Laboratory procedures and practices must be communicated in a laboratory, because to keep the risk as minimum as possible by storing the chemical products in an appropriate and safe manner. A staff member shall be responsible for all stored chemicals and their use. All products must be labelled so that the researcher can identify and communicate the identity of the sample for laboratory staff. Unidentified chemical should be treated as infectious and disposed of in a proper way. All chemicals should be stored in suitable containment appropriate to hazard the agent. Containers used for storage must be enclosed or sealed. Accurate inventory should be maintained for the purpose of assessing risk and reducing unnecessary handling. Inventory must be updated to a minimum, annually. Each chemical container must also be labelled with the name or code of the chemical, the name and contact information of the user. ...read more.


Concentration must be given to electrical safety, particularly as it reveals to the use of extension cords, appropriate grounding of instrument and deterrence of the production of electrical hazards in wet areas. * All laboratory instruments needs to be cleaned and verified of being free of hazards before being issued for correction or assistance. (Safetyfirstaid, 2009) All protective equipment must be cleaned, laundered and disposed of by the member of staff. Apparel contaminated with human blood or other potentially infectious materials should be handled as little as possible and needs to be collected in special boxes, labelled or colour coded. Laundry will be cleaned according to the specific laboratory operating procedures laundry facility. Appropriate protective equipment must be worn by member of staff who handles contaminated laundry. The inflammable hazard is evident when gases such as hydrogen, methane, and acetylene are acknowledged. However, the fire hazard can be appended greatly. ...read more.


For example, the audit of heart attack led to improvements in treatment following a stroke and more patients taking drugs that are effective when they are discharged. (NHS, 2009) All in all communicating laboratory procedures is important because laboratories are inherently fairly dangerous places, e.g. Physics laboratories often have high voltage electricity or ionising radiation, Chemistry laboratories have dangerous chemicals and Biology laboratories have biological hazards such as microorganisms that can cause diseases. The risk in a particular laboratory depends almost entirely on what happens to it. It is only through careful assessment by a qualified and experienced and then they identify risks establishing and following safe working practices in a laboratory can be done in a reasonably safe place to work. Audits are introduced to measure the quality of patient care and improvements over time. Security measures may include things such as training of personnel, exhaust systems, natural obstacles, and alternative less hazardous chemicals that achieve the same result. Nmsu, 2008. http://www.nmsu.edu/safety/images/signs/symbol2d.jpg Safetyfirstaid, 2009. http://www.safetyfirstaid.co.uk/images/catalogue/product/SG0088-L.jpg Weird, 2009. http://www.weird.fr/images/logo_405x401_hazard_highly_flammable.jpg NHS, 2009. http://www.ic.nhs.uk/statistics-and-data-collections/audits-and-performance/national-clinical-audits ?? ?? ?? ?? D1: Ahmad Dehghani ...read more.

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