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Describe how chemists can use polymers as a feedstock for cracking, and their role in a minimising damage to the environment during the combustion of polymers such as PVC.

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Difficulties 1in disposing of polymers, and the movement towards recycling and combustion of polymers. Describe how chemists can use polymers as a feedstock for cracking, and their role in a minimising damage to the environment during the combustion of polymers such as PVC. Plastics are polymers. A simple definition of a polymer is something made of many units. Each link of the chain is the -mer or basic unit that is usually made of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and or silicon. To make the chain, many links or -mers are polymerized together. Many of the common class of polymers are composed of hydrocarbons. Examples of polymers made up of only hydrogen and carbon are polypropylene, polybutylene, polystyrene and polymethylpentene. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) contains chlorine. Most polymers are transparent but not all. The polymer chains in objects that are translucent and opaque are in a crystalline arrangement. ...read more.


Plastics deteriorate but never decompose completely, but neither does glass, paper of aluminum. Plastics make up 9.5% of out trash but weight compared to paper, which constitutes 38.9%. Glass and metals make up 13.9% by weight. An option for plastics that are not recycled, especially those that are soiled, such as microwave food wrap, can be a waste-to-energy system (WTE). The controlled combustion of polymers produces heat energy. The heat energy produced by the burning plastics not only can be converted to electrical energy but also helps burn the wet trash that is present. Paper also produces heat when burned but not as much as plastics. Polymers affect every day life. These materials have so many varied characteristics and applications. The number of plastics recycling businesses has tripled since 1990. Recycling of post consumer products is frequently viewed as the only viable solution for managing society's waste/ however, the attributes that make plastics a convenient, resource efficient and versatile material to recycle. ...read more.


If the treatment breaks the polymers into assortments of chemicals species, it is up to the processor to decide whether to recover specific chemicals for feedstock use or use the assortment of chemical species for fuel or use some combination of both end products. The resulting chemicals can then be used to make new plastics that can be in disguisable form the initial or virgin polymers. Feedstock recycling: the thermal depolymerisation of polyolefin's and substituted polyolefin's (large molecules made up primarily of the elements carbon and hydrogen such as polyethylene) into a variety of smaller hydrocarbon intermediates is termed as feedstock recycling. A mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide, is an important byproduct of a special class of feedstock recycling processes It can all be used, as chemical feedstock's for further up gradation to commercial products ay oil refineries and chemical plants. Recycling processes appear to be technically robust enough to warrant further development in the future. At this stage the technology is still developing. ...read more.

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