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Design of Customer Input Form

Extracts from this document...


Design of Input/Output

Design of Customer Input Form












Design of Sports Hall

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Design Of Customer Report (Sorted by surname)


102              ADG             Brown        116 High Street,                028              £120                  Family                         5

                                                                             Belfast                            9012 5477

   125                 SR                Collins        Farm house, Farm               028                £60                   Single                          2

                                                                           Street, Saintfield         9154 4625

   116               AJR             Drennan      12 Portaferry Road,           028                £40                  Single                           4

                                                                             Greyabbey                    4277 8514

Reservation List

  1. 15.00,12/11/02
  2. 12.00,15/11/02
  1.                     11.00,05/01/01

Member Labels

These can be printed onto a page of labels, which can then be stuck to envelopes and sent out to the members of the gym. These addresses can be retrieved from many sources, so you could either use all the members or create a query and search for a specific reason to send out letters.




Data Checking & Controls

I will be using many validation checks in my system, including input mask, length checks and character type checks.

Input Masks

This is a way of ensuring only the correct characters are input into the field, and also in the correct order. This would be especially useful for the postcode field in the customer table, as it would ensure that only feasible postcodes are typed in. It is simple to create; you type a code into the specified text box, and it is automatically created. In this code, an “L” represents a letter and a “9” represents a number. So for a postcode, the code would read “LL00 9LL”; two letters, up to two numbers, one number then two letters to finish.

Length Check

...read more.


OpenFrmCustomer/ OpenFrmReservation – These is assigned to a button in either the Reservation form or the Member form. When it is clicked, the other form opens ‘on top’ of the reservation form. This is useful if you want to switch easily between the two forms.

Open MSWord – This does exactly what it says on the tin. When the button to which it is assigned is clicked, Microsoft Word is automatically opened, from where you can open the mail merge letter. I would have liked it to automatically open the mail merge template, but I haven’t been able to do this.

OpenRptCustomer/OpenRptReservation – This opens up a report with a list of all the reservations or members on it. Again, this is assigned to a button in the relevant forms.

SaveCustomerFrm/SaveReservationFrm – This is assigned to a button, which, when pressed, saves the form.

Open Member Labels – This is assigned to a button in the Member Form. When it is clicked, it open up the ‘Customer Labels” report, which can then be printed onto labels and sent to members with relevant information.

Hardware and software

Hardware Recommended

PC with monitor, keyboard and printer – E.g. Emachines Intel Celeron 1.8GHz PC. Includes Monitor, PC, Keyboard, Mouse, Printer & Speakers. Also contains Windows XP                                      

Price £599

Software Needed

Microsoft Office Professional. Licence for 1 computer only.

Price £519image99.jpg

Alex Mladek

...read more.

This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Fields & Forces section.

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