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Develop & Update Tourism Industry Knowledge.

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Develop & Update Tourism Industry Knowledge

Hotel Report

By Samantha Ng

Student No: X0499334000

Group: T1A

Date: 23Feb2004

Table of Contents                

2 Star Hotel                                Page 1

3 Star Hotel                                Page 2

4 Star Hotel                                Page 3

5 Star Hotel                                Page 4

Conclusion                                 Page 5


2 Star Hotels (Budget Hotel)

Kingsgate Hotel Melbourne is a old and new combination hotel located in the CBD with all the standard room facilities e.g. television, bathroom, air conditioning, and mini fridge, etc. it included 24 hr reception , full luggage storage, tourist information and fax, email and photocopy service in the hotel.



3 Stars Hotels (Middle Class Hotel)

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4 stars hotels (First Class Hotel)

 Rydges Melbourne is a 4 stars hotel located in the CBD it offers a charming, modern and warm rooms with individual reverse-cycle air conditioning, television, modem line, in-house movies, refrigerator and tea/coffee, mini bar and video facilities. Hotel facilities include a CBD Café Bar Restaurant, entertainment lounge, 24 hours reception and room service, express checkout, conference facilities, rooftop heated pool, dry cleaning and valet services. Hotel facilities include 24hr room service, business centre, 2 rebound ace tennis courts and spa comprising 25m heated indoor pool and gymnasium.



5 stars hotels (Luxury Hotel)

The Crown Towers is a 5

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  So we can classify the rating of the hotel by the structure, décor, room style and size, standard of services, the special hotel facilities and the most significant is the price of the hotel, but hopefully, the standard of all the hotels will be becoming very high.  


1: http://www.accomline.com

2: http://www.informus.info/eng/classification.asp

3: http://www.housing.uts.edu.au/hotels/

4: Travel Point

5: GREAT Aussie Holiday

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Waves & Cosmology section.

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