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Discuss all factors arising from the use of biotechnology such as what biotechnology actual is, cloning, stem cell technology etc.

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Biotechnology Essay This essay will discuss all factors arising from the use of biotechnology such as what biotechnology actual is, cloning, stem cell technology etc. Human beings have being using plants to make different products for thousands of years. Plant biotechnology is helping today to provide people with more and better food and holds a great promise for the future. There are many differences between traditional livestock breeding and the modern biotechnology approach. Traditional breeding is considered as natural, whereas genetic modification is sometimes perceived as interfering with nature to consumers. Selective breeding has been practised for many centuries as a pose to the modern way of choosing individual, or small numbers of selected genes which are passed down on to the next generation of animals, allowing precise selection of characteristics. This method removes any possibility for errors such as undesirable genes being inherited together with desirable ones, which was a problem that occurred with traditional breeding. ...read more.


Some potential benefits of this are: * Livestock may grow faster * Animals may be more resistant to disease * They may produce less fatty meat * They may be more fertile With this though are many ethical considerations about possible distress caused to animals by such changes. Many people refuse to purchase foods that have been produced by animals that have been given food that contains GM ingredients. Others find the concept of transferring genes between animal species totally unacceptable. Some current methods used by farmers and vets to diagnose whether plants and animals have diseases often require the laboratory analysis of samples, this can be time resuming and can also often leave animals at risk whilst waiting for the actual test to be carried out. In this day and age it would be a great help to have a simple, reliable tests that could be carried out on the farm, especially if they could give immediate results. ...read more.


This gene produces a protein that acts as in insecticide but which is harmless to other creatures. This same organism is widely used as an insecticide by spraying directly onto the crops themselves. Cloning is an aspect that will always be present with biotechnology. A clone is producing new plants or animals that are genetically identical to the original. The nucleus of every cell has all the genetic information necessary for it to make other plants by tissue culture (cauliflower experiment). There are many concerns arising from the use of biotechnology, as one has to take into account the ethical considerations such as distress to animals during the actual process. Overall there are many points for and against the usage of biotechnology. There are many dangers arising with the use of biotechnology but there are also others to consider who do not have hardly enough food to make it through the day where the uses of biotechnology could help them greatly. ?? ?? ?? ?? Richard Aldridge 10 Gordon ...read more.

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