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Discuss the Advantages and Disadvantages of Genetic Engineering

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Discuss the Advantages and Disadvantages of Genetic Engineering During the last 30 years, genetic engineering has been on the forefront of many scientists' minds, and the but of many people's discussions. Are their any disadvantages with treating diseases by implanting genes which code for specific antiviral proteins which in turn are specific to each antigen? Throughout this essay, I will be discussing the advantages and disadvantages of Genetic Engineering. One of the main advantages of genetic engineering is genetically modified crops. Genetically modified crops (transgenic) may provide increased profits to farmers while providing cheaper and more nutritious food. ...read more.


Another of genetic engineering is that diseases could be prevented by detecting people that are genetically prone to certain hereditary diseases, and preparing for the inevitable. As well as preventing disease, with genetic engineering infectious diseases can be treated by implanting genes that code for antiviral proteins specific to each antigen. Another advantage of genetic engineering is that animals and plants can be made to have desirable characteristics which could help solve some of the world's problems. For example in trees, genes could be manipulated to absorb more carbon dioxide. This would help reduce global warming, and thus solve one of the biggest problems earth faces. ...read more.


Some scientists believe that introducing genetically modified genes may have an irreversible effect on nature as a whole. Another reason why people think that using genetically modified crops and plants is a disadvantage is that they think it will increase our reliance on pesticides, which have a harmful effect on the environment. Another disadvantage of Genetic Engineering is Genetic engineering borderlines on many moral issues, particularly involving religion, which questions whether man has the right to manipulate the laws and course of nature. Also it brings into question Darwin's theory of "the survival of the fittest", if this theory has worked over the last 20 centuries , why change it ? ...read more.

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